She changed me…

I remember very well…I was in my 3rd standard.  Very shy and timid, I’ll refuse to open my mouth to answer any question.

And being an average student, at that time, I preferred to sit in the last row of the class.

And then our Primary School In-charge came to the class one day to announce that we are getting a new Class Teacher.

I sulked much  further.  Now, what will this new teacher ask me ????   🙄   Will she embarrass me in the class by asking questions which I can’t answer….so many thoughts went through my mind on that fine day, when we were expecting our new teacher to make an entrance.

Then walked in Janaki teacher along with our Primary School In-charge.   But, the moment I saw her, I liked her so much.

She was quite tall and lean and had a lovely smile for the whole class. 🙂

She was patient even with the mischievous boys of our class. 😆

As days went by, my admiration grew for her.

Then came the first term exams and I fared quite badly – I remember very well – I got the 35th rank in a class of 50.  Shame on me. I was totally lost and embarrassed at myself. I stopped talking to my friends.

Janaki teacher was noticing all these and asked me to stay back after the school hours, one day.

She just talked to me, assured me that I am an intelligent girl but not spending enough time with studies. I was looking at her in awe and respect – for one simple reason that she called and talked to me alone.

That talk changed me and my attitude towards studies.  I performed well in the next term to come in the first 10 ranks of my class.  There has been no looking back after that incident of poor performance.

I’ve done well and all the credit goes to my Janaki teacher.

She is the one person, whom I remember with fondness even today and I give her full credit for bringing out this personality of mine, out for everybody to appreciate.

Not a day goes by, when I dont think about her.

Janaki teacher is my favourite teacher. 🙂


11 Replies to “She changed me…”

  1. May God Bless Teachers like Janaki Madam !!! I myself owe wherever I have reached in life to one teacher… !! I will post about her some day !!! 🙂 🙂
    Me : Pl do write soon….waiting to read 🙂

    Really simple gestures make so much difference to us dont they !
    Me : It was such a simple talk with me that changed my attitude…I wanted to prove myself to her for the confidence she had in me. 🙂


  2. I felt as if I was reading the script of Taare Zameen Par !! 😀 😀 😀 😀
    Me : Is my script that gud….to make a movie ????? 🙂
    So, are you in touch with Janaki teacher by any chance ???
    Me : Oh !!! No !!! Thats the sad part…She left school, while I was studying….


  3. U r really lucky to have found a Janaki teacher. Somehow all my teachers in school were lousy but I had some great lecturers in college.
    Me : Yeah, lucky me, Nancy…


  4. Very nice to read about the teacher who made a change. Teachers have such great power and privilege to mould us. I too fondly remember some of my teachers and feel grateful to them all the time.
    Me : 🙂


  5. Lucky u to get a teacher like janaki.Even my school there was a teacher by name janaki but she didnt teach my class.
    Me : 🙂
    My daughter has got a wonderful teacher which i blogged long back.I wish all the kids gets a teacher like her who shape the future of the kids.And hugs to all the teachers.
    Me : Teachers make a huge impact, yeah, very true. 🙂


  6. Wow! Such a warm post Uma 🙂 She is a gr8 teacher – one in the true sense of the world 🙂 But, gud ppl like u do get gud things in life na 🙂 Hugssss 😀
    Me : Oh !!! Swaram !!! Thanks for such a warm comment….makes me feel gud….and yeah, God bless my Janaki teacher !!!!


  7. those are the person whom I respect in this life…. she is a great human…

    a real warm post… 🙂
    Me : Thanks, Kanagu !!! All ur wishes for my teacher – I am so happy !!!


  8. Awww… what a sweet post!
    Me : Thanks Pix 🙂
    My math tution sir – Vasudevamurthy sir was like that. He taught me the subjecta and because of him I started to enjoy the subject,
    In school, it was my head mistress – I used to love her English classes 🙂
    She was the one who encouraged my love for writing 🙂
    Me : Its all in the hands of the teachers – the love or hate towards a subject or the school itself, hai na ????
    Thats why its rightly said that the teachers mould us.
    Glad u too got some gud teachers. Its very important in everyone’s life.


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