Can you pl hold on the call ?????

Buying a Gadget, some 10 years back was like this :

– You buy a TV / Fridge / Washing Machine / AC / Telephone.  You have a specified warranty period.

– After that period, if you have any complaint, you can contact the service centre that is available in the city – and this info is provided in the warranty card given to us.

– The service centre is a wonderful place where you get to talk with the technician or the service manager, with no intermediate ppl.

– The service is handled very well, within the specified time by the technician.

– In case of any part being not available, you can call the service centre directly and ask for clarification.

– Service was quick and each customer was asked relevant questions regarding the malfunction of the product, which helped them to solve the problem easily.



– You buy some gadget – add to the list Internet Connection, Mobiles, Mobile Service Provider, Microwave Oven, Camera and many more for which I need a separate post.

– Now, after the warranty period, starts your big time trouble.

– If the product is working fine, then you are blessed.

– If there is any problem, you have to call one TOLL-FREE number. Becos, it says the calling costs are not there, ppl were so happy to use it.

– The company stopped providing with the individual service centres’ details and made sure all calls are through this Toll-free number.

– The entry ticket to hell, starts at this CALL-CENTRE where those CALL CENTRE EXECUTIVES take your call – and mind you, you can never talk to the same person again, even if you call a hundred times. You can only wonder – “Where is that sweet lady / man who guided me very well, last time I called ???”

– When you first make a call, it is understandable to get all my details – Name, Address, Landline, Mobile, Mail ID.  But is it necessary to repeat the same every time you call the Call Centre ?????

– The details of the complaint is taken down, I believe. But alas, God knows better.

– Invariably all the details are not filled in properly, as the Call Center Executive is not technically qualified to understand the nature of the problem and write down details properly.

– Then the details are sent to the wrong service centre – as they dont know the geographical location of my home and the city I am living in. The Call Centre need not be in my city of residence.

– Then the service centre calls me and tells that this service query had been sent to them wrongly and that they cannot forward the same to the service centre near my home. So, off goes the service complaint back to the Call Centre.

– Its two days, now with no Service, no calls.

– When I call up the Call Centre again, I am asked to tell my reference number for the complaint. When the number is unique to my complaint, why do they want to verbally say all my details starting with my name to my address and my email ID, again and again to me ????? I’ve told them bluntly so many times, that I know all those details – they are mine – just get to the point – what happened to my service complaint. 

– But Alas, the query will fall on deaf ears. Those Call Centre Executives will do it the way they are told to. It’s so dumb.

– If I start asking too many questions, which they are not able to answer, I am asked one simple question – “CAN YOU PL HOLD THE CALL ??? I’LL GET BACK TO YOU ONCE I SPEAK WITH MY SUPERVISOR ???”  And I’ll be made to wait forever.

– So, the companies are thinking that they are helping the customers by opening Call Centres to take service complaints.  But actually the customers are so bugged with the way, the Call Centres work.

– So, after the Call Centres have been formed, the service has taken a back seat. It’s high time, the companies realise their problems related to their Call Centres and make them more efficient and better, for a loyal customer following.  I hope somebody listens to these complaints.



27 Replies to “Can you pl hold on the call ?????”

  1. u have touched the chord of frustation inside me 🙂
    i have similar experience with almost all service provider..whether its internet connecton or moblie or any blah blah stuff …I dont understand why dont they give proper training to ppl sitting there at toll free number…sometime problem is very small and a lil help can solve it immediately..
    but by the time you go through their so called proper channel..u urself forget what was the problem…


    1. Rash, I think every one of us have faced this situation and keep grumbling to ourselves on the inefficient call centres !!!

      It reflects the sad state the customers are put thru, by those giant companies, whose only motive is to sell more products and not take care of those which have been already sold.


  2. If Newton was still alive, he would have found the formula “The quality of a product or service is inversly proportional to the hype created by the sales person! A brand continues to carry a specific momentum of success until an external force (normally a customer) acts upon it (buys and complaints)”


    1. Anyway, Suji the new Newton is there to help us with the new laws. 😆

      The law is too gud, Suji – let us all start complaining more in the public eye !!!! At least, that’ll help to bring out the ppl, who are hesitant to complain in the first place.


  3. I am with u on this!!! And I also know how many frustrating times u have encountered this!!!! 😀

    “”You can only wonder – “Where is that sweet lady / man who guided me very well, last time I called ???””””

    Where the hell is that crazy nut who picked up the phone the last time? Why do they hire such people aho cannot follow basic instructions!


    1. Don’t ask me, da….it continued in Chennai too….Absolutely irritating…atleast here, I opted for a Tamil speaking executive and blasted him nicely in my local lingo….felt better after that….but that didnt change anything for the better.

      I pray all the time that no crazy nut shld be put on the line with me !!!!


  4. This is so true, and so frustrating, espy the part when you have to repeat the same details to different service operators each time, and they are so robotic in their response you feel like knocking them on the head!bah! here we have the additional problem of Chinese speaking operators that always put us on hold till an English speaking operator is available…which takes an additional good fifteen minutes of waiting !It’s ok for hubby as he speaks the language ,being brought up here but for me….nightmare!Terrible…but in the old days…no one even answered the phone…not sure which was better?!!!


    1. OMG !!! Chinese ?????? How do u manage ?????

      With proper English speaking executives, I’ve so much probs. I really feel bad for your position.

      I think, you shld learn Chinese, atleast for nicely giving it back to them. 😆


      1. Yeah, I know! 😦 I shd learn, I can more or less understand basic stuff,Thanks to hubby’s non stop chatter, but I get tongue tied when I have to respond,which must be what they must be feeling abt English too, I guess! Sigh!


  5. Ohh yeah !! seriously frustrating !!! Last year, I had an issue with my LG TV and I went through the same process of call centres, service centres,etc. You know what I did finally??? sent a mail to LG directly- a sarcassm filled stinker email. Im not kidding, I got a call from them the next day and everything was back to normal in a days time !! 😀 😀 😀

    Btw, Im not against these call centres, I just hope they become a lill serious with their work. 10 years back, there werent these many users, and to keep a track of todays customers in the primitive way is almost next to impossible. You know how our govt offices are right? something similar to that! 😀 😀 😀 😀


    1. Yeah, Vimmuuu, Even I am not against the Call centres – just want more efficient ppl who are technically trained too, to understand the complaint. More important is the geography of the city.

      Oh no !!! I dont want something similar to govt offices…..thats for sure… 🙂


  6. I had an irritating one some years back when there was a problem with my net connection and I had to call the service. Obviously it went to some call center in B’lore where they pretend to be Americans and talk with a twang. That is most annoying. I got someone Richard and he was struggling with his twang. Finally I got so irritated that I asked him if he was Indian and better to speak in his natural accent. There was silence at other end. 😀


  7. Well we rarely have an indifferent attitude when we call the call centers. Also it is a federal law to ask for details despite you calling for the 100th time. it is more so to prevent fraud. i am in that line so i can vouch for why they ask all the details. can’t get frustrated as we have a bigger need than them. i know my response might agitate you, but take a breather and think about it. maybe it will help.


    1. Thanks for the clarification, Roopa.

      If its a banking query, I can understand the frauds that can happen and so the multiple checking. But, for complaints like washing machine not working, A/C is not cooling properly – for these kind of complaints, what is the need to check multiple times ????

      More than that, why shld they be so inefficient, that the customer calls so many times ?????

      Why cant the complaint be attended to in the first call itself ???? Thats the simple thing I am asking for.


      1. No but they ask all the time becasue what if you really needed a repair scheduled and they use your credit card?
        Me : In India, repairs are paid by cash, which we pay to the technician. No card is involved.
        Wish life was as perfect as we want it to be. almost 99% of woman want everything to be done yesterday.
        Me : Iam not so un-practical. I want better communication network. Let them take 2 or 3 days, but I want to be intimated on the delay. Otherwise, I am sitting at home, waiting for the technician to come.
        I am sure people who answered your call didn’t have any vendetta against you. they are doing what they are asked to do. No use pulling your hair apart. have to be patient. moreover these call center workforce as such hears too much precipitation. why be that one more person to add to their agitation. i am sure if we all had a boss at work we put up with his/her despite what they do. so have to be patient no use fretting.
        Me : The fretting has happened for a lot of years now. Why cant the system change for the better ????? Is it wrong in expecting a good change for the existing system ????? Let the executives know what they are writing down as complaints and learn the geography of the city where the customer lives – thats not too much to ask from the customer’s point of view. And pass on info – a SMS also will do.


  8. oo!
    A topic after my own heart!
    I can read your frustration Uma!! {{hugs}}
    Hope everything gets sorted out soon…

    Another grouse – they talk to you like they are tlaking to a 5yr old who doesn’t know how to spell!! gah!


    1. I think this is everybody’s topic of grumbling, now a days !!!!! 🙂

      All sorted out, Pix…all these were doing my shift from Hyd to Chennai.

      OMG !!! Why shld they treat customers like these ???? When we pay in thousands and buy a product, dont they treat us like the Royal ppl ???? After buying, we become 5yr olds, eh ?????


    2. Well like Gandhi says “Be the change you want to see in the world”!; it’s all yours. be the change so the years of fretting will not be there.


  9. I think I am quite lucky to have to find pleasant experience with service providers.,… More often I call for my mobile and internet connection problems..and all the people were so good that I always end up happy even if my problem was not resolved…

    my internet connection is from BSNL… 😀 😀


  10. Sigh !!

    I hate these conversations with the customre call centres.. !! all problems take atleast 48 hours to solve… and everytime you remind after 48 hours its another 48 hours… !!!! they are useless… totally !!! Tata’s are the worst in this !!!


    1. Why only Tatas, I thinkg almost all of them are equally bad.

      First they say it’ll take 48 hrs and then upon prodding they reveal that its 48 working hours – thats 6 days of 8 hrs / day….Isn’t that an awfully lame excuse ????


  11. Very interesting topic. I can very well empathise with u having been in similar situation. But I do agree with Roopa’s views pls have a heart for the c.c.workers. They are only a link you need to take it up with the manufacturers/service proivders.(God help u on that)


    1. Finally someone that’s on the same talking lines….Well can’t get much done by being temperamental with them. Uma is my nathanar like how you are to her.


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