Trauma of my nail

If any part in my body has been treated very badly, then it is my right toe thumb nail.  It can tell you tales of how the wonderful years of my life, turned traumatic for such a small silly nail of my body.

Listen to the story, from the nail’s mouth.   😛 😀 😆


Ahem !! Ahem !!! I am the right toe thumb nail of this fun-loving lady called UmaS.  And this is the story of my ghastly adventures while she was young and full of life and never worried about me at all.

Long ago, not so long ago, may be about 20 years back, was the beginning of mishaps for me.  I still remember the day when She decided to cover up my world with mud and slush.  This woman is crazy about rain and My God, how she got wet that night, while going home.  She could have taken a bus or an auto, so that I dont get wet. Or at least she could have thought of covering me and my fellow 9 toes up properly in a snug and warm shoe.  She was wearing one stylo flippy sandals and wading through water-filled with mud, all the way home.

If she loves rain, that doesnt mean that I’ll like it too.  OMG !!!! How much I cried and told her not to walk in those muddy waters !!!! She never listened.

Alas !!! She has to reap what she has sown !!!!! That night, was the worst night for me !!!! Because she was in severe pain – I was fully covered up in mud   😦   – her mom suggested that she dip her feet in warm water !!!!!  Thank you, Mommy, for this wonderful suggestion, for it helped me to clean up a lot !!!!!  🙂

All the mud came out, I felt wonderful after a good wash with Dettol. 🙂

Hello, Knock, Knock, there is something called pedicure !!!! I and my fellow toes love it !!!!! Please, go for it !!!! But she had no ears for our appeal !!!!!

And She is not following any method to protect me, for this type of incidents kept happening day after day of the whole monsoon season – such love for rain, I’ve never seen anywhere.

By the end of the monsoons, I was totally in great pain, the skin underneath me has swollen owing to collection of mud !!!!!

Now, she is crying, because it is hurting so badly.  I felt so bad for her – after all, I am part of her body.  😦   

After visiting the doctor, it was decided to pull me out, so that the infection can reduce and the toe can heal.  Nobody bothered about me and my feelings !!!! They just pulled me out in just a few minutes.

But I am not going to leave her – for I love her so much.  It was my re-birth.

I decided to grow back on the same right toe thumb, as the new nail after healing.

Sorry for being so rude about her, but she was totally oblivious to my suffering and allowed me to be pulled out another 2 to 3 times, in the following few years.

Then enlightenment dawned on her, and she went and bought a bike for herself – so that she need not walk in the muddy waters, while it rained.  And at the same time, she can get wet and enjoy the rain.

I was enjoying the rides on the bike and thanking God, for this wonderful gift, so that I am all clean and good-looking.

I fell in love with the new pink nail polish she applied on me, to make me look more beautiful !!!!!!!  Thank you, sweetie !!!! You are very good, just take good care of me !!!!!

Then came the Rakshas, in the form of an Auto driver !!!!! 😈

It was one fine evening, when she was going back home. She was patiently waiting in the signal, with the right foot down, for support.  There was an auto ahead of her and there was quite a lot of space between them.

Then suddenly, the auto fellow started to take reverse and no amount of honking and shouting from the ppl behind him, could stop him.

I was just dreading the death trapping moment and finally when it came, I screamed !!!!!   The Auto’s back wheel just went on me and then just stopped there !!!!

She is shouting at him to move the auto, as I am stuck underneath the wheel.  The driver was totally drunk to comprehend what She is telling him.

Then all the good Samaritans jointly moved the auto and freed me finally.  But, the 5 mins I was trapped under the wheel, was the worst nightmare of my entire life.  Not even those walks in muddy water, has made me feel like this.

I was in pain and so was She.  Poor thing….I’ve never seen her cry so much…..The toe was swollen and she couldn’t walk without doing the OOHHHs and AAAHHHs !!!!!

Then came the surgeon once again, with a knife to cut me off.  OMG !!!! How many times should I endure this torture ????? All for the love for this woman !!!!!!

How many re-births for me ?????? 🙄

After that incident, thankfully, She has become more understanding of my position and has treated me so well.

Lots of pedicures to pamper me, lovely shades of nail polish to beautify me – She has been so good to me !!!!

Oh !!!! My dear UmaS, I love you so much and I’ll never ever leave you !!!! 🙂