Do you know me ??????

At a Wedding…

Mom : Uma, come here. I want you to meet this person.

Person : Hello Uma.

Me : Hello.

Person : Do you know me ?????

Me : 🙄 Well…Yeah…We’ve met before, right ?????? 🙄  (Trying desperately not to disappoint my Mom…)

Person : Ok, tell me Who am I ?????        

                           To Mom – Ggrrrrrr 😈

                           To myself : Poor man, he doesnt know who he is.  :mrgreen:

                  I’ve even came for your wedding.  I saw you last during your wedding. Now, do you know me ?????

Me : Is that enough clue to guess who you are ?????? 🙄 🙄 🙄  My wedding happened 14 years back.


How am I supposed to remember the person, who I’ve met for a vague 2 seconds on my wedding day !!!??????!!!!!!! 🙄



11 Replies to “Do you know me ??????”

  1. But we’re Not supposed to! We’re the celebrities on our wedding day, we don’t have to remember people 😛
    Me : Rightie right !!! But, ppl dont understand this simple logic.
    But relatives have this habit of forgetting their names and asking (usually children :P) to remind them who they are 😀
    Me : 😆 😆 😆


  2. I have come across such irritating people and my answer was always a blunt “NO” 😀 😀 😀 😀 Why break your brains ! 😀
    Me : Doesnt work with all ppl…esp relatives….had to do it for mama’s sake… 🙂


  3. Hehehehe…. at times people ask like that…
    Me : I always get to meet one person like that in every wedding I attend…bad luck !!!!

    my reaction will be 🙄 any no. of times…
    Me : 🙂


  4. LOL
    This has happened to me as well. Though I got married just last year…yet I don’t recall faces or names!!!
    I remember those I have to remember. The rest? Who cares! 😀
    Me : While being in Hyd, thats what I used to say – Who cares !!! Now I cant do all that !!!!


  5. haha…poor person was so excited to see you!and,you must have met people that say, “Myyy goddd !!! how you have grown up “,even though you have ur own grown kids now! i swear they talk to u like we are still babies! It’s cute…but nowadays I’m guilty of saying such things to other kids!!! Circle of life!
    Me : Indy, I take so much care to introduce myself again and again, to my daughters’ frnds and teachers, till they remember me by name. I dont want to like that person, and embarass ppl.


  6. Too bad Darsheel Safary was not there to prompt you!!!! Ha ha ha!!!
    Me : Yeah, Missed Darsheel and you too !!!! 🙂

    Tell your mom that from now on, she should give u a small brief on the person as she leads you to him. Poor old man would have been thrilled to know that u remember him!!! 😀
    Me : All the instructions are in place, now. Hope it doesnt repeat. 🙂


  7. Oh dear! how many times this has happened to me!! 😦
    I am terrible with names and faces! People think it’s arrogance, but, honestly, I just forget!!
    Me : Yeah, Pixie, even when its not intentional, they think of us as arrogant.


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