Do you know me ??????

At a Wedding…

Mom : Uma, come here. I want you to meet this person.

Person : Hello Uma.

Me : Hello.

Person : Do you know me ?????

Me : 🙄 Well…Yeah…We’ve met before, right ?????? 🙄  (Trying desperately not to disappoint my Mom…)

Person : Ok, tell me Who am I ?????        

                           To Mom – Ggrrrrrr 😈

                           To myself : Poor man, he doesnt know who he is.  :mrgreen:

                  I’ve even came for your wedding.  I saw you last during your wedding. Now, do you know me ?????

Me : Is that enough clue to guess who you are ?????? 🙄 🙄 🙄  My wedding happened 14 years back.


How am I supposed to remember the person, who I’ve met for a vague 2 seconds on my wedding day !!!??????!!!!!!! 🙄