This and That.

I am missing Briyani !!!!! And that too, Hyderabadi Briyani !!!!! Oh !!! I want to do a big tantrum, so that someone will send me some Hyderabadi Briyani !!!! 😉

With these kind of thoughts eating up my mind, I am walking aimlessly on the busy road, near my home.  And suddenly, a shop’s display board caught my eye !!!!   HYDERA…..   WOW, This is one of my luckiest day, I think. I was just thinking of hogging on Hyderabadi Briyani, and see here it is, so near to my home !!!!

I go little bit nearer to see the place, with lots of anticipation and excitement, on finding some Briyani shop – these small eatouts sometimes prepare awesome stuff.

OMG !!!!  The heaven suddenly turned hell,  when I read the board fully – HYDERABATH BRIYANI !!!!   🙄  Is it Briyani or Briyani Bath, from Hyderabath !!!!!  🙄 OMG !!! OMG !!!!

One single spelling mistake on the board, made me run a 100m before I stopped !!!!

With such spellings, never expect me to come to your place, Mind IT !!!!


My younger daughter Sh was feeling bad that her Class Teacher doesn’t like her.   😦   It seems that the Teacher was not smiling at her – Sh is so friendly and she expects everybody to be so.  From the time she joined in Chennai – it’s exactly a month, now – Sh has been feeling low because of this.

Me and S have been telling Sh to give some time to the teacher, to understand you better. But, Sh was very adamant in feeling bad about the whole thing.  Her argument – When I am a new student, she is supposed to smile and welcome me and make me feel better.  Why is she not smiling at me ????  😦

But in the last 2 to 3 days,  there has been a great change and the Class Teacher is being very appreciative of Sh. The teacher was impressed with Sh’s comprehension and test results.  Whatever the reason, Sh is so happy that the teacher is quite friendly now and smiles at her. 🙂

Thank you God, for making my darling daughter, feel better and happy. 🙂 🙂 🙂


My elder daughter Sr and all the girls in her class, decided to play a game, last week.  It goes like this :

– Write the names of all the girls in separate pieces of paper, roll it and put it in a box.

– Now, every girl shld pick up one paper from the box.  And make sure, it’s not their own name.

– Write in a paper, what you want that girl to do, the whole of next week.

– Leave that paper, in the girl’s place, for her to see and do accordingly.

“This game sounds so boring, Ma” – is what Sr told me, the day she came back from school, last week.

But, this week, when all the girls followed the instructions on that paper, which their friends have written for them – it was so much fun for Sr and she is enjoying it so much.

– The girl who never wears bindi, was made to wear a big sized one, for one whole week. 😆

– The girl with the long hair, who always plaits it up, was made to leave her hair free, for one week. 😆

– One girl was told not to open her mouth, except while eating and answering the teacher. Poor thing !!! 😆

These girls are re-inventing the art of enjoying and everyone is taking it so sportively.  And, no one felt bad doing what their frnds had written for them. So sweet is the bond of friendship. 🙂


Last, but not the least, this part of the mail, from my darling hubby S, has made to soar into the skies !!!! 🙂   Just imagine me……when I got this, in my mail…….I am very very happy, mera naam bhool gayi !!!!! 🙂 😆 🙂

You have created a Unique thought process within you. Your feelings and what you have experienced in your life is flowing like a beautiful stream of water, flowing down hill to join the main stream and the lake, later, so that everybody can benefit from what life has taught you.  Keep it up darling !!!! Don’t think about any thing. Keep blogging. 🙂



23 Replies to “This and That.”

  1. Ahh that too after hvng read the whole post …
    Let me comment from the last for a change 😉
    Thatz so so sweet Ums 🙂 I cn understand how u must hv felt .. aww … what all cana n appreciation from a loved one can do to us 🙂 Very very sweet 🙂 Hugs to the lovely bond u share 🙂
    Me : Thanks, Swaruu !!!! 🙂

    Thatz a nice game in Sr’s class 🙂 What hd she got to do?
    Me : Sr had to go to school in pony tail, as usual. Remove her hair band and free up her hair for 30 secs, in front of her frnds. She really enjoyed and felt happy, when her frnds told her that Sr looks better with her left open. 🙂

    Congrats to Sh 🙂 And yeah, it taught us a lesson too … patience pays and how 🙂
    Me : Exactly what I told Sh – Be patient.

    Okie nw dont throw tantrums .. I cn send u some Briyani err whatever even otherwise 😛
    Me : Will you do it ????? Thanks a ton, girlie. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Hugs for that Briyani, in advance.


  2. Loved the excerpt… 🙂
    And we played a similar game during xmas. Called it Chris-mom and child. So the person whose name we draw from the chits is our ‘chris-child’. We , as chris-moms have to send our child gifts for a week, and the child has to figure out who her mom is. Everyone gets gifts, has a lot of fun and the names are disclosed on Christmas day. The gifts always had budget constraints…nothing exceeding Rs.10 per day. So we used a lot of creativity 😀
    Me : Thats a lovely game and I am sure that there would have been loads of fun !!!! Thanks for suggesting, maybe we can play one during Christmas. 🙂


  3. Dont talk about food will you !!! 😛 😛 talking of Biryani’s on days you didnt bring ur tiffin is a sin !
    Me : What ???? No tiffin ????? Why ????? Did u forget it at home ??????
    But I want Briyani !!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    lol @ that game !!


  4. Another biryani fan that too hyderabadi biryani,i just made it last friday,nothing can beat hyderabadi biryani,yummmmmmmmmmy.
    Me : Saritha, welcome here. And what an entry !!?!! You know how to make Hyderabadi briyani ????? I love you !!!! Pl send me the recipe….puhleez….and tell me where u stay….Oh God !!! Let Saritha stay in Chennai…. 😆 😆

    Nice game,never heard of it.
    Me : First time for me too, but it was gr8 fun.


  5. When you are craving for something, you see that in everything. LOL on the Biriyani 😉
    Me : hehehehe… 🙂

    Glad that Sh has started liking the teacher. With my daughter, I have found the same thing. If a teacher is not smiling and welcoming as I am dropping her off, she does not want to go in. Where as if it is the teacher who is all cheerful and acknowledging our presence, it is such a breeze for me, she just runs in. Simple gestures matter a lot to children.
    Me : Lakshmi, every year, I pray to God, that my girls shld get friendly teachers, so that the interest towards the subject will come automatically. Its such an important thing for these girls. 🙂

    What a fun game Sr had. Must do that during a potluck with friends next time!
    Me : Pl play with ur frnds and let me know abt it, too. May be u can do a post on all the fun u had.

    And such a sweet and appreciative comment from your hubby. Keep blogging!


  6. hyderabath ??? LOL !!! So, the whole ‘bath’ fever isnt with me alone ! 😀 😀 😀
    Me : When I saw the full name of that eatout, I wanted to cry !!!! How can they cheat like this ??????

    There are andhra eat outs where you get authentic Hyderabad biriyani. More of exploring to be done.
    Me : Yday, I found one more, that serves authentic Andhra Briyani…now I shld try that out…still exploring…. 🙂

    A smiling teacher ? I have seen only frowns on their faces !! Cant blame them !!! They have to teach people like u and me over and over again.
    Me : Teachers frown, when its a monster/devil like you, as a student. BTW, are u still studying ??????

    LOL, I would love to play that with girls !! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    and for the last part, never thought your hubby drinks !!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀
    Me : Everybody drinks water….. 🙂


  7. Oh how sweet!!! it must feel great to have ur husbands appreciation of your blogging! i am too shy to show mine to him, but he says well whatever it is, if it makes u happy go ahead! 🙂
    Me : Pl make ur hubby read ur blog…I am sure he too will like it.

    I’m so glad for ur little one….nice to know that she is happy with her teacher now! these things matter so much to them even tho we try to make it a non issue! And ur elder girl is having such fun…made me smile!!!!
    Me : When daughters are happy, I am so happy and feel blessed.

    U go ahead and grab a biriyani…I’m sure u get some nice one’s in Chennai too!We used to like the one at Ponnusami restaurant-egmore!
    Me : Yeah, I’ve tried eating at Ponnusami and even Anjappar – they are authentic Chettinad types. I like the food there.
    But it is Hyderabadi Briyani, my taste buds are asking for….???…. 😆


  8. Hyderabad Biryani…..hmmmm…makes me long for home! Secret – Mumbaikars pass off various kinds of pulaos as biryanis. So glad I came by your blog- enjoyed it!
    Me : Welcome Corinne !!!! Does that mean you are from Hyd ???? Oh !!! I am so glad !!!! Not all briyanis can match up to the Hyderabadi ones, right ??? 🙂


  9. Awww so sweet of ur hubby to write that to u!!!!
    Me : Yeah, Am so thrilled. BTW, has ur hubby read ur blog ??????

    And so glad ur younger daughter’s teacher is finally smiling at her….I know how much tht matters 🙂
    Me : 🙂 🙂 🙂

    I dont know abt Hyderabadi biriyani but I love Andhra Biriyani…the type u get in Bhima’s and Nagarjuna in Bangalore 😀
    Me : Dont make me drool anymore…..


  10. I think there are many places in Chennai where you get good briyani’s. But I never tasted the special Hyderabad briyani… Have to taste it soon…
    Me : You better taste it in Hyd…. 🙂

    Your daughters are enjoying the school.. so nice… the game which is played is called Chris mom and chris child, right??
    Me : Yes, I’ve learned that name for the game, now…

    And the for the mail… 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Me : Thanks.


  11. LOL!!
    craving for Biryani?!! so, did you get any?
    Me : Nope…Saritha was kind enuf to give the recipe…now, I’ve to do it, to eat it.

    We still play this game during Christmas at work!!! 😆
    Me : Everyone knew this game, except me 🙂

    Glad to know your daughters are settling in well and enjoying themselves!
    Me : Thanks Pix.


  12. I was sure I responded to this post too. But I can’t seem to find it!! Hmmmmmm!!! Looks like I will have to find some ingenious way of sending across some Biriyani!
    Me : Pl do it….. 🙂
    And the kids seem to be having fun… I know they will come around and get used to their new surroundings. But for a while u will have to put up with ” I wanna go back to hyd!!!” 😀
    Me : Oh !!! that keeps happening on and off…it’ll take time for the girls…. 🙂

    Oh ho. What is that comment/poetry from the hubby!!! 😀 Ha ha Sorry!! It got me laughing at first, then I was rather pleased that he wrote like that for u.
    Me : I just couldnt believe it myself, when I saw my mail box. So sweet of S to write like that.


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