This and That.

I am missing Briyani !!!!! And that too, Hyderabadi Briyani !!!!! Oh !!! I want to do a big tantrum, so that someone will send me some Hyderabadi Briyani !!!! 😉

With these kind of thoughts eating up my mind, I am walking aimlessly on the busy road, near my home.  And suddenly, a shop’s display board caught my eye !!!!   HYDERA…..   WOW, This is one of my luckiest day, I think. I was just thinking of hogging on Hyderabadi Briyani, and see here it is, so near to my home !!!!

I go little bit nearer to see the place, with lots of anticipation and excitement, on finding some Briyani shop – these small eatouts sometimes prepare awesome stuff.

OMG !!!!  The heaven suddenly turned hell,  when I read the board fully – HYDERABATH BRIYANI !!!!   🙄  Is it Briyani or Briyani Bath, from Hyderabath !!!!!  🙄 OMG !!! OMG !!!!

One single spelling mistake on the board, made me run a 100m before I stopped !!!!

With such spellings, never expect me to come to your place, Mind IT !!!!


My younger daughter Sh was feeling bad that her Class Teacher doesn’t like her.   😦   It seems that the Teacher was not smiling at her – Sh is so friendly and she expects everybody to be so.  From the time she joined in Chennai – it’s exactly a month, now – Sh has been feeling low because of this.

Me and S have been telling Sh to give some time to the teacher, to understand you better. But, Sh was very adamant in feeling bad about the whole thing.  Her argument – When I am a new student, she is supposed to smile and welcome me and make me feel better.  Why is she not smiling at me ????  😦

But in the last 2 to 3 days,  there has been a great change and the Class Teacher is being very appreciative of Sh. The teacher was impressed with Sh’s comprehension and test results.  Whatever the reason, Sh is so happy that the teacher is quite friendly now and smiles at her. 🙂

Thank you God, for making my darling daughter, feel better and happy. 🙂 🙂 🙂


My elder daughter Sr and all the girls in her class, decided to play a game, last week.  It goes like this :

– Write the names of all the girls in separate pieces of paper, roll it and put it in a box.

– Now, every girl shld pick up one paper from the box.  And make sure, it’s not their own name.

– Write in a paper, what you want that girl to do, the whole of next week.

– Leave that paper, in the girl’s place, for her to see and do accordingly.

“This game sounds so boring, Ma” – is what Sr told me, the day she came back from school, last week.

But, this week, when all the girls followed the instructions on that paper, which their friends have written for them – it was so much fun for Sr and she is enjoying it so much.

– The girl who never wears bindi, was made to wear a big sized one, for one whole week. 😆

– The girl with the long hair, who always plaits it up, was made to leave her hair free, for one week. 😆

– One girl was told not to open her mouth, except while eating and answering the teacher. Poor thing !!! 😆

These girls are re-inventing the art of enjoying and everyone is taking it so sportively.  And, no one felt bad doing what their frnds had written for them. So sweet is the bond of friendship. 🙂


Last, but not the least, this part of the mail, from my darling hubby S, has made to soar into the skies !!!! 🙂   Just imagine me……when I got this, in my mail…….I am very very happy, mera naam bhool gayi !!!!! 🙂 😆 🙂

You have created a Unique thought process within you. Your feelings and what you have experienced in your life is flowing like a beautiful stream of water, flowing down hill to join the main stream and the lake, later, so that everybody can benefit from what life has taught you.  Keep it up darling !!!! Don’t think about any thing. Keep blogging. 🙂