Chennai & Chocolate Krishna

Being in Chennai has one of the finest advantages. This being an artist’s paradise, there are a plenty of ways to keep the residents occupied.  Be it a musical concert – the carnatic, hindustani, western or simply fusion, or a dance program – traditional bharatanatyam or fusion ballets, or those hilarious and thought-provoking plays – Chennai is THE PLACE for it.

Next month begins the world-famous DECEMBER FESTIVAL, where every auditorium / sabha *, hosts this festival of music, dance and drama.  If you have not been to one, your life in Chennai is wasted.  So many artists come all the way from US / Canada / Australia and many other countries to perform in this wonderful festival.

My childhood memories are so well interwoven with these episodes of festivals of art, the main reason my father being the Secretary in one of the leading Sabhas in Chennai and he still remains to be so. Every weekend, we’ll go to the sabha – whether it is a play or a music concert or dance.  It was the best outing for us, with the whole family and we used to enjoy every such experience.

Then was sowed the seed to appreciate the art and the related things in life.  I love the musical concerts – I learned music too.  They are one of the best medicine to handle stress.  The dance programs were colourful and we used to love them all.

But,  the plays are my favourite, as those were the days of comedy kings like Crazy Mohan, S V Sekhar, Kathadi Ramamoorthy and many other serious play makers too.  These comedy plays were a big craze in those days and ppl used to learn the dialogues too – as they do now for some movies.  Me and my friends used to have a contest on how many times have you seen a particular play and I always won – advantage of  having a Secretary of a Sabha as my father.

Then later, when I got married and left Chennai, this play craze seemed to have got engulfed among my motherhood and I used to yearn for the lovely memories of those hilarious theatre days.

chocolate krishna
Tamil Comedy Play - Chocolate Krishna

Now, back in Chennai, I was adamant on going to this latest comedy play by Crazy Mohan – CHOCOLATE KRISHNA.  And so, our family of four went for this play abt a week back.

I was skeptical about my girls’ response to this play. But, My God, they proved to have my genes perfectly in place. They absolutely enjoyed the play, all the while laughing thru the jokes. I was transported to my teenage years, where I’ve sat to watch every play and laughed along so much.

Crazy Mohan and Balaji
The Comedy Duo – Crazy Mohan and Balaji

 This Comedy Duo were fantastic with their non-stop jokes and their great timing !!!! The whole theatre troupe had the audience in splits from the moment they started.

Another interesting thing was the interwoven magic, as a part of Krishna’s character.  On the whole, it was a great time to laugh out loud, forget your worries and at the same time have a great family time.
My childhood memories were whitewashed and put on a new pedestal for my girls to see and enjoy and now a days, they keep asking me to tell me about the other plays I’ve seen, in my younger age.
After my last post on Chennai, I felt bad that I was giving away my native place !!! Actually, it’s not the place, but the ppl that matter the most.
So, here’s a post to toast the bestest part of being in Chennai !!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂  And I know that all those Chennaiites, who give me a half-smile, will also vouch for this wonderful face of Chennai and I am sure they too enjoy the artistic Chennai to the core.
And for all the support you’ve all given me, in my previous post – Thanks to you !!!! I am now a member of the recreational club in the apartment and have made quite a lot of friends  after that post. Thank you, fellow bloggers, for all the support. 🙂 🙂 🙂

 * sabha – an association or a recreational club formed to promote art.

24 Replies to “Chennai & Chocolate Krishna”

      1. hey good to know u find sometihng interesting in chennai 🙂
        and ya i can understand u must be on top of world..seeing ur girls enjoying same thing which u enjoy most 🙂

        Me : Thanks Rash !! Its all the result of ur gud wishes !!!!
        I was absolutely thrilled to see my girls laughing, more than the play 🙂


  1. Greattt! That was a quick recovery and the positivity in this post is infectious! good to hear! And I remember that the Dec season was always highly spoken of,when I was there! once I was tempted to go to a sabha in Mylapore but had no time! 😦 SV Shekhar is super I movies , he must even better live! have fun!!!


  2. Yeah, I was feeling rather sorry after reading the last post. coz I was hoping that u enjoy ur stint there ( I am hoping that it is just a stint and next year u will call to say that u are heading back to hyd!)

    But this post is hopeful. Enjoy maadi, maga! The super surprise is that ur girls njoyed it!


    1. Thanks da !!!! Even I hope that I can take next truck back to Hyd !!! Am missing it so much in everyday life !!!!

      And the girls – you shld hv seen them – they were delighted to see a play !!!! It was a first for them !!!! 🙂


  3. Woww! Thatz too much of gr8 news Uma and I am really really happy for u 🙂
    Glad to know the girls njoyed it equally too 🙂
    I liked the name of that play .. whatz it abt 😛


    1. Yeah, Swaram, the girls enjoyed it to the hilt !!! 🙂

      The play is abt Lord Krishna coming into the life of a salesman, to change his life and how this man holds on to the Lord for all silly things that needs to be done. Finally, the message is – believe in God at the same time put in your efforts too !!!!


  4. Ohhh…i always wanted to go for that play; I had no company !! i can watch crazy mohan jokes non stop !!

    Anyway, glad that you are finding chennai comfortable once again !

    Btw, I have started house hunting and now that you are in charge of some club, do let me know if there are any flats there ! 😀


  5. wonderful… I am yet to see this play.. but want to… maybe I will go soon..

    Crazy mohan plays are always superb.. and I always hear them again and again… cool ones 🙂

    and for carnatic music… I am a dumbo… I will dozed off while watching it… 😐

    and great to know you have joined the recreational club.. 😀 😀


  6. wonderful!!!!!!!

    chennai has a rich tradition of theatre and art!!!!!

    right from the poornam viswanathan and his gang, this theatre thing has really picked up in chennai

    now, my bro is in one such theatre group in chennai. he does it part time and loves it!!!!!!!!!!!!


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