The Headache Story

Tuesday morning, I had gone out to do some work in the Bank.  My husband dropped me at the Bank, on the way to this office.  And while coming back, I took an auto.

And after I sat in, the auto driver drove straight to the Petrol Bunk – How much I hate this !!!!!   I am allergic to the Diesel smell and there I got hit with an instant headache.  It was sort of low-key numb variety and so I continued with my other work, with a stone on my head.  I dont feel like taking unnecessary medications.  Just left it to my night sleep to cure me.

S was very kind and enquired, whether this tablet was there or not.  But I didnt find him make any move to buy them and come. 

Since, we just shifted, the medicine cabinet needed a few supplies.  Anyway, I replied that I am not taking any medications and went to sleep.

Wednesday morning, I woke up with a splitting headache.  What happened to me ??? Why my sleep didnt cure my headache ?????

It is normal, when my head is straight.  The moment I bend down to take something, its like somebody is pounding on my head with a hammer or stone.  What a horrible pain ????? How will I go through this day, with this pain ?????   So, I took a tablet and tried to sleep for sometime.  The calling bell ringing at frequent intervals, made sure that I dont get a proper sleep and I found myself with more severe pain.

S called to find out, how I am feeling and assured me that he’ll buy some medicine, while coming back home.

But alas, there was no medicine shop on an entire stretch of 12km, which he travels to get back home.  🙄  🙄

Thursday morning, and I am still with a dull headache.

S told me to come with me and he’ll get the medicine for me.  So, off we went, for one big round and came back without the medicine.  Always after crossing the pharmacy, he’ll realise that he has gone past it.

Thats S in his best avataar.

Then, around 10am, I walked up to a nearby pharmacy and got a strong painkiller and now, I am feeling gud enough to write about it.

S is not at all like what I am nor what I want him to be !!!

That’s why we are together – OPPOSITES ATTRACT !!!!! 😆

29 Replies to “The Headache Story”

  1. It happens with me never with my my house also we are opposite…me absentminded and he over cautious 🙂 …so opposites are making gr8 pair 🙂

    good finally u get rid off headache 🙂


    1. One of them need to be footed on ground reality, na….either the wife or the husband…as far as the balance is fine, life is smooth….these kind of headache stories keep us amused and entertained. 🙂


  2. and inspite of that splitting headache, you still managed to call me on Tuesday and Wednesday ! Oh, probably thats why it got aggravated !! 😀 😀 😀 😀

    Me : It was bad on tuesday and worsened after I spoke with you. You’re right – I was thinking of all other reasons for my headache, when you are the culprit. 🙂 😆 🙂


    1. Ummu, now I know the reason. You been talking to this Vimmu devil?

      This is your cure: Do not..I repeat do not talk to the devil for a month. Not even look at his Superman avatar and what is this new one? Thinker avatar? Avoid anyone with couple of ‘m’s and ‘u’s. mooooo


      1. Sols, very dutifully copied this cure into memory. Will try to keep away from this devil – being in the same city, I think, it’ll be difficult.

        Avoid anyone with couple of m’s and u’s – Then, pl call me differently !!!! 😆


  3. LOL…..Uma u truly are an angel in disguise and ur H is super lucky to have u. Tell him half the women in the world in ur shoes wd have had a major tantrum 😀


  4. You went through so much for so long! Headaches can be so bad! I am absent minded too, so I can understand his forgetting… but why didn’t you request him to go back and get it? I agree with Nancy, most women would have thrown a tantrum!


  5. Ha! TS has a nice retort for whenevr I accuse him of being like this (and he is so much like this!!). He says he has the best intentions in his heart but they get distracted by the time they reach his mind 🙄


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