Moving to Chennai – Part I

Why a series on the simple act of shifting the residence from one city to another ??????

Because, when the process of shifting was happening, the blogger in me, was constantly thinking about blogging this and that.  And like that, the list grew.  So, I am trying to remember all the facts and write it down – let me see, how many parts I am able to manage.

First and foremost, is the tale of PACKERS.

After taking the quote from different packers, we finally decided on one – Leo Packers (LP) – since we received very good reviews about them.  Now, for me, this is the first time, I’ve called Packers to do all the packing.  For all the previous shifts, I did the packing on my own and I only used to call ppl to load the stuff into the truck.  So, I was totally unaware, about the methods in which these packers operate, rather pack the things.

This person from LP, called to inform us, that the packing ppl, will arrive at exactly 10 am on the specified date.  And since, we had lot of crockery and curios to pack, it’ll take time. So, the kitchen will be done the next day and loading will also happen on the next day.  OK !!! We booked our tickets according to this schedule, the LP gave us.

I just did a simple thinking and decided to go ahead with the packing of our clothes on our own, with a little great help from my daughters. And futuristic thinker in me, made sure that we pack a separate bag with all the things we’ll need, from the time the packers take our things in Hyderabad and hand it over to us in Chennai and me setting them up.  WOW, Uma, you deserve a pat on the back !!!!!

The specified date came. It was 10 am – No packers, yet. Me – Why dont they keep up the time ????

10.30 am – Not yet. Me – Why dont you call and find out ????   He – Dont worry, they’ll come.

11 am – Still no trace of LP.  Me – Whats happening ???? I am worried. Will they finish all these packing in one and half days ?????  He – Lets hope so. I’ll call LP.

11.15 am

It was a group of ppl from LP, armed with cartons, hard plastic boxes, bubble wraps, cardboard wraps, jute material and a Manager to make the whole group a functional unit.

They attacked the house, with a savage threat.  I was reminded of the scene in Jumanji, where the animals come marching into the house !!!! 😆

One minute, they were in the living room and suddenly I saw all my furnitures vanishing into boxes and neatly stitched around with the jute material.  WOW, is that the sofa, I used to sit – I wonder !!!

In an hour’s time, they had done with the living room and they were marching fast into my bedrooms. They were hungry for packing.  But now, we couldn’t handle the speed.  There were two ppl in each bedroom and two in the kitchen !!!!  There was one man to seal the boxes with tape.  And for all the things that required the jute bag covering, there was this amazing patient person, who was keeping on stitching one box after the other.

Now, we didnt have enough ppl to monitor the whole show. So, I made my trusted maid to be in the kitchen, to see what goes into what box.  My girls were there in their bedroom, taking care that none of the things are left behind or their precious things are bubble wrapped before it went into the carton.   My husband was in the master bedroom, calling me every now and then, to ask if we needed to pack this.  I was shuttling between these three hubs of activity and before I knew it, all the rooms were done. OMG !!! My things have been converted into boxes.  How did this happen ???? And in such a short time ????? The speed of these LP ppl was amazing.   That one moment, I realised that we should have booked our tickets to Chennai, on the same day.

While all this heavy packing was happening –  I didn’t even realize this for some time – these LP ppl have started loading the things on to a truck.  Suddenly, the whole house looked so void of things, but so full of memories.  With a heavy heart, we left Hyderabad.  But life’s brighter, in Chennai, too. 🙂  I’ve learnt to accept changes, hence this enlightment.

Valuable insights into the packing activity :

– Never underestimate the speed and efficiency of the packers.

– Be sure, that you’ve your own ppl to monitor the packing.

– Do the packing of your precious things, by yourself.

– Throw away the unnecessary stuff, before the packers come.  I got so many things – which are in throw away state – neatly packed and delivered in Chennai.

– Have got some views about ppl losing stuff, while the packers are at it. Keep a hawk eye on everybody.  Thats why you need your own ppl in the house.

This simple fact is the best of all :


By this policy, the house will be clutter free.

Whew, with all the packing and unpacking done, this part comes to an end.