H for Husband

Tring Tring “>Tring……Tring Tring……. Tring Tring…….

Me :  Hello !!!

He :  Hey Uma, its me.  You needed a new mobile connection in Chennai, right ??????

Me : Yeah, yeah !!!! Did you get it ?????

He : Guess what ????  I got a super number for you.  I’ll tell you the number, see if you like it. OK ?????

Me : Tell me fast.

He: _ _ _ _ _ 3 0 9 Y Y .  How is it ???  Did you guess the sequence in the last 5 digits ?????

Me : ????????? 🙄

He : It’s your DOB. Cant you see ???? 30 – 09 – YY!!!!  I wanted to give you a nice surprise. Like it ????

Me : Oh !!! No !!! I was not born in September. You dont even remember my birthday ??????  Have you said yes to this number, pakka ?????

He : OOOPPPSSSS !!!! Sorry dear !!!! You were born in August, na ????????

Me : You are asking me ?????? Dont you know ???????

He : Sorry, sorry. I’ll immediately call the mobile service provider and request a change in the number. OK ????

Me : I dont mind any number. But, how can you forget my bday ????????

He : This is not the first time, na !!!!  OK, got to go. BYE !!!

20 Replies to “H for Husband”

  1. Ha ha ha! I would have been feeling really bad if the day ws preponed 😉 Postponed will do he he he 😛

    Okie, off to check ur no. now 😛 BTW, thanks to him, we cn easily remember ur bday nw na 🙂

    Me : Swar, whether preponed or postponed, the truth of the matter is the forgotten bday !!! Not only you, even my hubby can remember my bday every year, from now – thanks to the mobile number !!! 😆


  2. hahaha Thatw as so funny! poor thing offered to get it changed unlike some who wud say with it …”just adjust ok”!!! But why do they forget the bday’s !! Really!

    Me : Indy, my S really wanted to give the mobile no with my bday in it. So, he made sure that it is changed. But, dont poor thing him. He dared to forget my bday again. Thanks to my girls, he remembers now a days.


  3. Agree with Masood. trust husbands, (newly wed too :P) to forget birthdays. lol!

    Me : The transition from a man to a husband has this side effect, I guess !!!! 😆


  4. LOL!!! Clever way of remembering birthdays! 😛

    Mine can never ever forget!! since we are just 2 days apart!!! 😈 😛 😛

    Me : Yeah, at least, from now, my S needn’t depend on his daughter’s date remembering capacity to wish me !!!! 😆


  5. my phone number ends with my d-o-b too !!! Btw, I like your husbands strategy; convey a thanks to him on my behalf. and to remember all the forthcoming ‘important’ dates, I wouldve to gift her only mobiles 😀

    Me : The men and their crazy ways….. 😆 Will surely pass on the msg to my husband. 🙂


  6. pah… !!!

    bechara… poor guy went to do something nice for you… and ended up courting trouble… 😛 😛

    Me : Instead of courting trouble every year, around my bday time, he is finding some way to remind himself. Only next year will make it clear, whether he remembers to look at my number, to wish me !!!! 😆


  7. Atleast he tried, you got to give him a hand for that 😉

    Me : He is trying to find a way to remember my bday, without forgetting either the date or the month. Yeah, he needs to be applauded for this sincere effort !!! 😆


  8. Ha..ha.ha..

    I have my dear husband all confused when asked about his daughter’s birth date. Once I reminded him of my birthday around 11:45 pm the previous day and still he forgot to wish me the next day. Of course now he is older and wiser 😉 .

    Me : Sols, it happened to me once. After the girls were born, he really forgot to wish me, on my bday. Only next day, he came up with apologies and all – too bad, my girls were too young to remind him, that year.


  9. hahahahahahahahah 😛

    he is a brilliant guy I say!!!!!!!!

    cheers to him from me 😛 😛

    Me : I expected you and Vimmuuu to totally appreciate my husband and exactly both of you did. If I am married to him, he should be a brilliant guy – Idhu eppadi irukku ???? 😆


    1. ooho 😛 never thought of this angle 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 good one I say 😛

      hope the brilliant guy forgets your BD next year as well 😛 ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Me : What a devil you are, to wish like that for your frnd !!!!


  10. “Me : I dont mind any number. But, how can you forget my bday ????????

    He : This is not the first time, na !!!! OK, got to go. BYE !!! ”

    LOL Uma…u shdnt let him forget this anytime soon :-D. So was he able to get the number changed to the ‘actual’ birthday????

    Me : Yeah, Nancy. He got the number for me. But let me wait and see next year, whether he remembers to see the number and wish me rightly on my bday. 😆


  11. lol….this is every home story…

    my hubby forget me wishing me bday at 12:00..though we were awake and talking tht time…though in morning he realised and wished me 🙂

    Me : Yeah, I am getting to know more husbands, who have forgotten to wish their wives, on their bday. I think we shld be happy that atleast they wish late, than never.


  12. That was awesome. I loved this strategy to remember important dates.
    That’s very true it’s the story of every home. How come husbands become so forgetful the day they tie the knot when during courtship days they’ll even remember what day you wore what dress.

    Funny yet so true. Loved visiting your blog.


    Me : Welcome, Chatterbox. You’re absolutely right. This Mr. Right of mine, was so going so ga, ga during my bday before the wedding and also on the first bday after the wedding. Then 2 years down the line, he totally forgot abt it.

    And keep visiting !!!! 🙂


  13. Ha ha. Only your husband can do this. Take a perfectly good surprise and totally screw it up!!!

    Me : But finally, I got the number. Now, I am waiting for my next bday !!! 🙂


  14. Uma I think it’s the thought that counts! He really thought of getting you a number to match with your birthday?! That was so sweet! These days people feed all numbers in their mobiles and call it remembering, I prefer such natural gestures to mechanised remembering.

    I think this little gesture earned him a JKG badge 🙂


    1. HIP HIP HURRAY !!!! YIPPEEEE !!!! My husband has earned a JKG badge from IHM, by getting me a super mobile number !!! 🙂

      Thanks IHM !!! I am overwhelmed and I think my S would love it too !!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


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