Perfect or NOT ????

I consider myself as a perfectionist and am truly one.   Previously, I was not able to handle imperfections in people and that led me to a lot of problems.  After lot of mellowing, I’ve come to the stage to accept people how they are and never get judgemental with others.  It’s such a difficult task for me that I keep reminding myself constantly that every individual is different and that its stupid of me to expect others to do things in the same way as I do.

WOW, Uma, your philosophy rocks !!! Patting myself on my back 😆 😆 !!!!

I am very confident of the things I do – I never agree to do things of which I’ve no idea.  I’ll ask for time to learn them and then do it to perfection, my style.

There is this wonderful person, my friend and guide too, whom I respect so much.  It gives me so much happiness, when HE appreciates the job I’ve done.  I value HIS opinions and even ask my hubby to take HIS advice on various issues.  HE holds such an important place in our lives.  The kids too adore HIM.

But, whenever HE is around, I am fumbling – with my action or my words.  In my effort to do things the perfect way, I become so anxious.  Because of this anxiety, I make small mistakes while talking or doing certain things.  HE being the wonderful person, smiles at me and never says anything.  But, I feel terrible from inside.  Me, the perfect proud cat, doesn’t like things to happen this way.  But, it is happening.  It’s embarrassing for me. I am feeling so stupid.

I realise and regret the actions done in the fumbling anxiety, once HE is not around.  When my hubby discusses about those things, I feel so bad.

Why am I not the same person, when HE is around ??????   What makes me fumble like this ??????? How should I handle this situation ???????


23 Replies to “Perfect or NOT ????”

  1. Is the ‘HE’ your dad ??? I donno, Im just making a wild guess !!

    Btw, your philosophy rocks. Can I hit, I mean, pat on your back now ? 😉

    Dont worry, I guess it happens to everyone, its the same way for me in front of my brother that makes me look like an idiot in front of him. 😀 😀 😀


  2. maybe because he’s so special to you that you want to ensure that there is no chance of an error? relax, and keep telling yourself in front of Him that you are confident and you do all things perfectly. 🙂


  3. Is HE a child? I know this much that I am being critically observed I might make mistakes 🙂
    Excitement and nervousness do that 🙂

    You want advice? Aaha!! here goes… (after some beating around the bush)
    But generally I am easy going – and I read somewhere don’t take yourself too seriously and you’d lead a happy life 🙂

    Apart from that I feel we should stay with FEEL GOOD PEOPLE who like us the way we are, (and most of us are pretty good the way we are). If we value someone’s opinion then let’s have their opinion on how we are all the time, not just when we are being our best (heh heh I can’t follow this advice myself).


    1. IHM, HE is not a child. 🙂

      Yeah, I do have that feeling that my girls are watching me doing things and I am a big example for them, to follow. And because it is an everyday affair, I’ve learnt what to do in front of them and what not to.

      But this person doesnt stay with us. When he visits us, I become like this.

      Anyway, thanks for pointing out that his opinions abt me should include my plus and minus – makes me feel better.


  4. When people keep appreciating you all the time, we feel the pressure to keep the standards. May be you are feeling such a pressure to keep up with your perfection in front of this person who seems to appreciate it very much?

    May be you should let go a little bit on thinking about this, about the impression you are making on him or what he is going to think etc. Just relax and try to be just you ;), easier said than done right? 🙂


  5. Oh Ums, it happens when we feel we already have a standard for ourselves and are kind of worried if we cn maintain it all the while! Hugs to u 🙂

    N just relax and do ur work as u do always 🙂 When u know u r perfect n get gng, there’s nthg which cn go wrong! N if small things do happen, loved ones r always there to accept us 🙂

    He he, what a philosophy 😛 Anyways, the qs ws a part of the post na 😛 So, I hd to give an answer ha ha ha 😀


  6. If HE is all u say he is, u must be wasting ur time feeling bad coz HE must not even realised that u have maked a slight error in speech or ur action. So Chill. People who get to be addressed in Capitals are generally not bothered with the little things!


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