Joru ka Ghulam

There is this program called Tere mere beech mein – a chat show conducted by Farah Khan on Star Plus during weekends.


And today’s guest was none other Shah Rukh Khan !!!! He is one of my favs as I love to listen to the way he answers, has a funny answer for any stupid  question and all the while making the host feel as though he / she is the only person that matters to him at that moment. I just love this personality of his !!!



OK !!! OK !!!! Let me come to the topic. 😆

Farah Khan presented the award JORU KA GHULAM to Shah Rukh Khan, stating that he does everything and anything in this world, according to his wife Gowri’s suggestions (read orders) !!!! 😆

My God !!!! I am seeing one MAN, on national television, who has no apprehensions about this whole issue – being called a Joru Ka Ghulam !!!!!

He was so witty, clever and shared quite a few anecdotes of how all does he listens to Gowri !!!!  😆

Its not that he is dumb or stupid. He too thinks and takes decisions, but he is very happy to listen to his wife, tooo !!!! 🙂

Only one thing popped in my mind – THIS MAN KNEW HOW TO KEEP HIS WIFE HAPPY !!!! 😆 😆

So, my dear blogo-men friends, are you a Joru Ka Ghulam ?????? Come on, let out the secret !!!! 😉


25 Replies to “Joru ka Ghulam”

  1. I remember IHM coming up with a badge or something for this. Donno what happened then 😀

    Why does anyone have to become a Joru Ka Ghulam ?? Why dont they lead a normal life ?? 😀 😀 😀 😀 I think I can keep my wife happy without any tags attached.

    Me : Very gud, Vimmuuu. Spoken like a true MAN !!! Finally it all ends up to – Keeping ur wife happy !!!! 🙂 Do it without the tag or badge !!!


    1. I agree with you, my use of the term and the contest was a protest against such labeling of all husbands who are supportive of their wives as JKG, to mock them into indifference, to even make men feel like wimps for being nice to their wives.

      I am continuing the contest again Vimmuuu…


    1. Oh !!! I shld read this post.

      The thing I found very shocking was – this Man, SRK, was feeling so happy in being called a JKG and he was actually explaining, all those things, which he does to make Gowri happy.

      Many women like this personality in men, but I think it cannot be generalised. 🙂


  2. Hahahahhaha I dont know what it is all about.. but men hate that word! Somehow their parents train them to never listen to their wives and always do their own thing!! Specially in India since most families are patriarchal!

    This is the only reason why I love SRK! The bond he and Gauri share!! ITs awesome! 😀


  3. 🙂 🙂

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I agree with Vims here! 🙂
    Why the title? why stereotyping? what’s the big deal?
    And why is the word – “listen” told in such a way that it sounds dirty??


    1. This is the statement of the year, Pixie !!! You agree with Vims !! 🙂

      Its only when ppl are willing to listen, take orders – the others give them, na ???? And it happens both sides, is my feeling. Listening to other partner, when they are right, seems so sensible, hai na ???? 🙂

      I think it is an endless discussion !!! But, loved watching the show !!! 😆


  4. I love sensible joru ke ghulams! Obviously no point in a spineless chap that is a JRK to fool her and do things behind her back! I think a man that can supports and understands his wife will cooperate lovingly with her!What’s wrong with that? And SRK is a lovely hubby one hears!!!! 🙂 Love him can’t wait to see this!


  5. Never been to fond of SRK. But yes, if he’s admitting to be a Joru Ka Ghulam it’s bound to become a trend. Perhaps more men will want to listen to their wives without feeling embarrassed. Good 🙂


  6. Well! Me no likes that term too! Nobody is anyone’s Ghulam and both should have equal say in any matter! N we absolutely live by that 🙂 Both should be good listeners 🙂

    SRK is cool on chat shows but this episode ws a bit too much! The way the guests spoke esp.! I take my wife’s permission for everything he says??? I mean, any person is an individual and needs some ‘Me’ time too!!!


    1. Did u see the show, yaar ???? 🙂

      Those guest couple were the ultimate, hai na ????? 😆 I was amazed at the way, the guy did things around the house, according to her word.

      SRK on chat show – I just love it !!!! 🙂


  7. I don’t wanna attract your enimity by saying I don’t like SRK… 😳 Did I just spill the bean? 😦

    Now that you told me what Joru Ka Ghulam mean.. WOW – there are such Ghulams available around? I would never ever win this award 😀


  8. Uma, I totally love this guy! He is truly a man to reckon with. I don’t know if I want my man to be my ghulam, But I’d be more than happy to be SRK’s!!! 😀 Sigh!!!!!!!! The very thought of that guy is enuf to get me all wound up!


  9. IHM and I were tweeting about the same yesterday. I have to search for an online video now. This is why I LOVE this guy. He isn’t ashamed to tell the truth. 😉 He doesn’t think that one needs to show a macho avatar to be known as a man. People call him so many things and he jokes about it and laughs at it.

    My SRK! Sigh!….


  10. Now seriously! ‘Joru ka ghulam’ or ‘hen pecked’ has negative connotations. Even though stars like SRK can joke about it because it doesn’t matter to them but in real life no one wants to be associated with such words because then he will be ridiculed. Almost all women hate ‘Mamma’s boys’ so how is this different? Most boys who are over pampered and gets all things done by Moms later turn to wife for the same thing. They don’t mind as long as things get done in the house.

    So for fun this term is good but otherwise I am not a fan of it.


  11. JKG all the way!!!

    You know, I think we men are a little scared to show affection towards our better halfs in public at the risk of being labeled a JKG. But caring about your wife isn’t being a ghulam or asking her opinion (and that too after knowing that she has a good opinion) again isnt being a ghulam. But still we poor souls get labeled.

    I respect SRK for that. For admitted hopelessly in public of his dependence on his wife. What is wrong with that? Why is man considered weak if he relies on his wife? But if a wife relies on a husband, that is considered manly and normal!!


  12. JKG – Title Sounds odd.

    To keep partner happy no need to be slave/master to other, just be friends do listen,fight,laugh, cry and so on..end of the day make sure both are happy. RAB NE BANATHE JODI Live simple , Lead the life great.

    I didn’t watch this SRK interview. I too love watching his movies, sense of humor, answers to the tricky questions. King Khan is great in his own world.

    In general Not hurting him or his Fans, Being so commercial if the sponsor pays him he is ready to take JKK Award also. I am kidding but he is serious. (K stands another word of slave-LOL LOL). In Replying to Red Bolded Lines. He Knew how to.. how to.. because he is an actor, not dumb or stupid like us. haha…


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