Pass on the goodwill

My cousin brother called me a few days before and a part of our conversation was like this…

Bro : I had bought a few shirts here and during my recent visit to India, I decided to give it X as he has just started his career, to Y as he is starting his college life and to Z as he is starting his career too.

Me : WOW !!! 🙂  Thats a wonderful thought. Am very glad that you did it.  The boys (X, Y and Z) should have been so happy, na ????

Bro : Actually, one wonderful person did that to me, when I started my PG course and it helped me a lot, by boosting my confidence. Do you know who that person is ????

Me : Who is that ??? Do I know him ????

Bro: Of course.  He is your brother-in-law R-anna.  Do you remember the day (about 14 yrs back), I came to your house to tell you all that I’ve got admission into this college and I am joining the PG course ??? And R-anna, without a moment’s hesitation, just took a branded new white shirt and gave it to me and wished me.  He made such an impression on me and I’ve never looked back on life, after that !!!  🙂  He boosted my confidence by showing his faith in me.  That simple act just made me feel special and worthy of doing things.

Me : So sweet of you, da, to remember that incident !!!

Bro : It was then that I decided, that I’ll give the same confidence and boost to the people I know, who are starting their life, career, studies, whatever it is !!! I am just passing on the goodwill that I got from R-anna.

Me : Oh !!! R-anna will be very happy to hear abt this !!!! Do you know that he is also the lucky mascot for us ???  🙂


Yes, my Brother-in-Law R-anna, is a warm soul with a  loving heart. It is very rare to find somebody like that and I am very glad to know him !!!  It is R-anna’s Bday today (October 3rd) !!!!  And I am very happy to wish him through my blog, too !!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂




22 Replies to “Pass on the goodwill”

  1. Aww lovely lovely post Uma! U r surrounded by some real nice ppl inc. u I mean 🙂

    I just loved that idea 🙂

    My wishes to R-Anna too 🙂 God bless u all 🙂


    1. Yeah, I am blessed to have very nice ppl around me !!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Will pass on the wishes to my anna ! 🙂

      BTW, you’ve written ur name as Swar – Why ???? Ur comments hv gone to moderation. 🙂


  2. Wish the happiest bday ever to R-anna !!

    X, Y and Z…nice names you have in your family ! 😀 😀 😀 and R-anna, Im sure his name would also be nice, but with the ‘anna’ , he sounds like a south indian don !! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    ((Im wearing a helmet already, I wont be hurt 😉 )


  3. Love the idea! There as a movement called Random Acts of Kindness, where people would randomly help or just be nice to random strangers!! Like gifting flowers to an old woman sitting in a park, feeding a beggar, or without informing paying for some strangers tea or snacks, with some kind words that the waiter conveys when they ask for the bill. The gestures were anonymous that made them even sweeter 🙂 R-anna’s gesture reminded me of RAK movement 🙂


  4. Uma, Nice of you to incorporate my experiences in R anna’s Bday wishes. I remember that day like yesterday and I will never forget that. Today I can buy 100 shirts like that but will never forget that one act. Happy bday to Ranna.

    P.S: I can never forget his lucky hand when Roopa and me got our Visas to US in 2003.


    1. Karthik, I know anna makes a difference in lives to many ppl. But I got first hand feedback from you, on how much an impact that act had on you. 🙂 And I had to write this blog.

      Absolutely true – he is very lucky and he helps quite a lot – the best thing is he doesn’t make a fuss abt the helping part. 🙂


  5. That is a beautiful dedication, Ummu! Happy birthday to your dear BIL!

    You know people don’t realize that such small gestures actually boost confidence. You are lucky to have such wonderful people in your family.


  6. dearest uma, just read ur blog. its so wonderful when people acknowledge the small or large things in life, remember them and to ‘pass on the goodwill’like u so aptly said. what goes around comes around too. and if its goodwill all the more merrier. I’m sure u too should feel proud of urself b’cos u too have done the same for this c-bro of urs and that at a very young age. kudos to u too and keep on smiling. cheers.


  7. Thank u so much, for the warm and wonderful wishes !!! 🙂

    Yeah, Karthik’s action has put me on gear, to do some things like that. As you rightly said, what goes around, comes around too !!!! Let me put that sweet gestures into action. 🙂


  8. wow uma, what a way to wish on the birthday, great. Yes R is truly a blessed soul, he is cheerful,kind and considerate, very gunine and always ready to help others. With such a true heart he brings nothing but love, happiness and luck in each and everyone he meets. I am very very happy and proud to have him as my brother.


    1. All that you’ve written is absolutely true !!! 🙂

      I’ve learnt a few things abt him, after coming into this family. But when Karthik appreciated anna’s gesture some 14 yrs back, I had to write abt it. Its only when the impact is lovingly strong, ppl will remember it for years to come.

      Even, I didnt know abt this gesture, so long. 🙂


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