Bake for boredom !!!

With my girls having holidays, my house is a big adda for activities.  We are all cooking various things, always eating (wondering how many kilos I’ve gained 🙄 ), watching our favourite shows, viewing the same stupid romantic movies so many times and watching Khatron Ki Khiladi with a lots of awww, yuk, super stunt, Come on Rosa – U can do it (yeah, Rosa was a hot fav at home, sad that she is out of the game)…. the list is endless with two girls who are taller than me and have a look like – Mom, we know better !!!! 😆 Actually, I love that look on my girls’ faces.


And its been raining for the past 3 to 4 days – and WOW, what an awesome climate !!!! 🙂  This kind of climate makes you a bit lethargic and the yearning to roll on the bed all the time, is more.  But, the girls try their level best to keep me on my toes – actually I am grateful for that – otherwise, life will be boring.  😆


Coming to boredom… today has been a boring day – in terms of the eventfulness of the day !!!!  And so I just made one simple rasam, dhal and a kacha kela fry. I was actually proud of myself that I had been so smart in finishing the day’s cooking so fast.

Well, the happiness was short lived, when I heard “Hey, its been many days since Mom baked, na ???”  I had baked a cake only last week and it got over in just 2 days.  The baking happens every week, without which the week is tagged NO COOKING WEEK.  Just imagine, all the cooking I do is not accounted for. Only the cakes and cookies are all that matters.

So, I called out to my girls “Hey !! Anyone interested in helping me bake a cake ???”   And finally, the elder one offered to help. And there, we had a lovely discussion – which cake to bake – vanilla, banana, chocolate – and finally decided on a Nigella Lawson’s Chocolate Cake !!!! My fav tooo !!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

So, here’s how the batter looked, before it went into the oven.


The cake batter

Now, the awesome blossom, CHOCOLATE CAKE, after baking !!!! 🙂 😆

The Awesome Blossom Chocolate Cake
The Awesome Blossom Chocolate Cake


Now, isnt the cake looking AWESOME !!!   At last, I’ve hit on the boredom with BAKING !!! 

Just an after thought !!!!  

I am also celebrating Hitch’s entry into the second round, by dedicating this WONDERFUL CHOCOLATE CAKE to HITCHWRITER !!!!  So, Hitch, here you go, have a piece and enjoy. You’ll get the dream job of yours !!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂  Friends, come on, dig in !!!!


36 Replies to “Bake for boredom !!!”

  1. Wow lady! U r hvng a gr8 time there! The climate is gud only for staying @ home and njoying the day! Nt to do this stupid typing work @ office 😛

    N thatz dedicated to Hitchu! He wud hv already finished the cake by nw then!

    Oh ya, look at those chote chote chote chote pieces left over 😛


  2. 🙂 Even I used to bake when i got bored,but not anymore ever since i moved back to India..Bcoz there is no time to get bored here 😕

    Coool blog you got out there..


  3. I hate you ! and I hate all you guys who display cakes and sweets !!! Hmmmppphhh (angry emoticon) Next time you come to chennai, you better get one of these self baked cakes to please me ! (did I mention the word ‘better’ in between? Ohhh yes, I did ! )


    1. Dont Worry Vimmuuu, I’ll surely get u a very gud, better tasting cake !!! OK !!! 😆

      BTW, does ur fiancee know to cook / bake or is this job on your head ????? 🙄
      Just thot, I’ll give her some recipes for baking. 🙂


    1. Puja holidays, yeah, it is. You shld see all the three of us are in the kitchen – cooking, or in the living room – watching TV and eating !!! 😆

      My daughter says – “Thats what holidays are meant for…” 🙂

      Sols, seriously, when’s ur trip to India ???? I’ll surely bake one for you !!! 🙂


      1. Was she? I have no clue about the show. I thought your husband was sad to see her go for obvious reason. Ahem… 😉

        ME : My hubby watches all the stunts, during the repeat on Sundays – all the 4 days stunts together. But he doesnt know a name or two of the babes in the show. Rosa or Jesse or Anushka – doesnt make any difference to him 😆

        Today was the finals -Its over now.


      2. I second it !!!! Yeah, a reality show with all hot guys – WOW, my imagination is running like a wild horse !!!! 😆

        John shld have only one outfit in the whole show – and you know which one it is….hehehehe 😆


  4. hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiii momz,
    the cake rocks i hav no words 2 say how yummy it is .
    uuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmm delicious
    & 1 mor thing im ur height not taller than u 🙂

    Me : Glad u like it, darling !!! 🙂 It’ll be hardly a month, before you shoot up – more taller than me 🙂 🙂 !!!!


    1. Gosh! Umms, is this your daughter? Please censor all my comments. Tell her that this auntie is the most decent one that exists.

      —om jay jagadish hare….swami jay jagadish hare—


  5. Oooohhh I came so late….dont knw abt reality shows[u may not believe but I haven’t watched any till today:-)] but ur cake sounds really yummmm

    Is the cake over :-(?????


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