Perfect or NOT ????

I consider myself as a perfectionist and am truly one.   Previously, I was not able to handle imperfections in people and that led me to a lot of problems.  After lot of mellowing, I’ve come to the stage to accept people how they are and never get judgemental with others.  It’s such a difficult task for me that I keep reminding myself constantly that every individual is different and that its stupid of me to expect others to do things in the same way as I do.

WOW, Uma, your philosophy rocks !!! Patting myself on my back 😆 😆 !!!!

I am very confident of the things I do – I never agree to do things of which I’ve no idea.  I’ll ask for time to learn them and then do it to perfection, my style.

There is this wonderful person, my friend and guide too, whom I respect so much.  It gives me so much happiness, when HE appreciates the job I’ve done.  I value HIS opinions and even ask my hubby to take HIS advice on various issues.  HE holds such an important place in our lives.  The kids too adore HIM.

But, whenever HE is around, I am fumbling – with my action or my words.  In my effort to do things the perfect way, I become so anxious.  Because of this anxiety, I make small mistakes while talking or doing certain things.  HE being the wonderful person, smiles at me and never says anything.  But, I feel terrible from inside.  Me, the perfect proud cat, doesn’t like things to happen this way.  But, it is happening.  It’s embarrassing for me. I am feeling so stupid.

I realise and regret the actions done in the fumbling anxiety, once HE is not around.  When my hubby discusses about those things, I feel so bad.

Why am I not the same person, when HE is around ??????   What makes me fumble like this ??????? How should I handle this situation ???????

Hey, I am back.

Hey friends, its been exactly 19 days since I was off my blog page, but it looks like a decade to me. I’ve missed this space. And Thank God, I am back.

And a big thank you to all of you, for your wishes !!!! 🙂 Yeah, the shifting process is done with and I am a lot more at peace with myself.

BTW, thanks for missing me.  The feeling is mutual. 🙂

All through this 3 weeks of hectic activity, not a day went by, without me thinking about something to blog about.  Its become second nature to me.

Now, that I am active again in this blogosphere, I’ve a lot of blogs to catch up.  It sure is going to keep me busy for the next few days.


Even though I’ve been born and brought up in Chennai and only the last 7 years I’ve been in Hyderabad, the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad is very close to my heart. Me and my girls miss that place so much !!!  We have such fond memories in our home there, in the friends circle we had there, that some thing about Hyderabad, comes into our discussions, everyday.  Even though me and my girls have made friends here, it’ll take time for these friendships to blossom into mature and comfortable relationships.


Life’s like that !!!! Changes keep happening around us, all through the time and the way we adapt ourselves to those changes shows how successful we are living our lives.   Now, my biggest responsibility is to make my girls understand this and help them go through this place change, as smoothly as possible.

Am so happy to be blogging !!!! 😆



Moving out…

I am sorry, my dear friends, for not being around for the past few days. Yes, I had been quite busy. Heres WHY !!!!!

The news is I am moving to Chennai, out of Hyderabad. The whole process of looking out for a school for my girls, a good house with nice neighbours has kept me on my toes. My recent visit to Chennai has helped me decide on these issues and everything has been taken care of. Thank God !!!!

So, I’ll be moving out in a matter of 10 days.  And so, my internet connection will be disconnected soon, to facilitate a smoother shifting process.  I’ll be back to action in this blogosphere, once I get my internet connection in Chennai.  I’ll be missing you all !!!! 

See you all soon. 🙂

Joru ka Ghulam

There is this program called Tere mere beech mein – a chat show conducted by Farah Khan on Star Plus during weekends.


And today’s guest was none other Shah Rukh Khan !!!! He is one of my favs as I love to listen to the way he answers, has a funny answer for any stupid  question and all the while making the host feel as though he / she is the only person that matters to him at that moment. I just love this personality of his !!!



OK !!! OK !!!! Let me come to the topic. 😆

Farah Khan presented the award JORU KA GHULAM to Shah Rukh Khan, stating that he does everything and anything in this world, according to his wife Gowri’s suggestions (read orders) !!!! 😆

My God !!!! I am seeing one MAN, on national television, who has no apprehensions about this whole issue – being called a Joru Ka Ghulam !!!!!

He was so witty, clever and shared quite a few anecdotes of how all does he listens to Gowri !!!!  😆

Its not that he is dumb or stupid. He too thinks and takes decisions, but he is very happy to listen to his wife, tooo !!!! 🙂

Only one thing popped in my mind – THIS MAN KNEW HOW TO KEEP HIS WIFE HAPPY !!!! 😆 😆

So, my dear blogo-men friends, are you a Joru Ka Ghulam ?????? Come on, let out the secret !!!! 😉

Pass on the goodwill

My cousin brother called me a few days before and a part of our conversation was like this…

Bro : I had bought a few shirts here and during my recent visit to India, I decided to give it X as he has just started his career, to Y as he is starting his college life and to Z as he is starting his career too.

Me : WOW !!! 🙂  Thats a wonderful thought. Am very glad that you did it.  The boys (X, Y and Z) should have been so happy, na ????

Bro : Actually, one wonderful person did that to me, when I started my PG course and it helped me a lot, by boosting my confidence. Do you know who that person is ????

Me : Who is that ??? Do I know him ????

Bro: Of course.  He is your brother-in-law R-anna.  Do you remember the day (about 14 yrs back), I came to your house to tell you all that I’ve got admission into this college and I am joining the PG course ??? And R-anna, without a moment’s hesitation, just took a branded new white shirt and gave it to me and wished me.  He made such an impression on me and I’ve never looked back on life, after that !!!  🙂  He boosted my confidence by showing his faith in me.  That simple act just made me feel special and worthy of doing things.

Me : So sweet of you, da, to remember that incident !!!

Bro : It was then that I decided, that I’ll give the same confidence and boost to the people I know, who are starting their life, career, studies, whatever it is !!! I am just passing on the goodwill that I got from R-anna.

Me : Oh !!! R-anna will be very happy to hear abt this !!!! Do you know that he is also the lucky mascot for us ???  🙂


Yes, my Brother-in-Law R-anna, is a warm soul with a  loving heart. It is very rare to find somebody like that and I am very glad to know him !!!  It is R-anna’s Bday today (October 3rd) !!!!  And I am very happy to wish him through my blog, too !!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂



Bake for boredom !!!

With my girls having holidays, my house is a big adda for activities.  We are all cooking various things, always eating (wondering how many kilos I’ve gained 🙄 ), watching our favourite shows, viewing the same stupid romantic movies so many times and watching Khatron Ki Khiladi with a lots of awww, yuk, super stunt, Come on Rosa – U can do it (yeah, Rosa was a hot fav at home, sad that she is out of the game)…. the list is endless with two girls who are taller than me and have a look like – Mom, we know better !!!! 😆 Actually, I love that look on my girls’ faces.


And its been raining for the past 3 to 4 days – and WOW, what an awesome climate !!!! 🙂  This kind of climate makes you a bit lethargic and the yearning to roll on the bed all the time, is more.  But, the girls try their level best to keep me on my toes – actually I am grateful for that – otherwise, life will be boring.  😆


Coming to boredom… today has been a boring day – in terms of the eventfulness of the day !!!!  And so I just made one simple rasam, dhal and a kacha kela fry. I was actually proud of myself that I had been so smart in finishing the day’s cooking so fast.

Well, the happiness was short lived, when I heard “Hey, its been many days since Mom baked, na ???”  I had baked a cake only last week and it got over in just 2 days.  The baking happens every week, without which the week is tagged NO COOKING WEEK.  Just imagine, all the cooking I do is not accounted for. Only the cakes and cookies are all that matters.

So, I called out to my girls “Hey !! Anyone interested in helping me bake a cake ???”   And finally, the elder one offered to help. And there, we had a lovely discussion – which cake to bake – vanilla, banana, chocolate – and finally decided on a Nigella Lawson’s Chocolate Cake !!!! My fav tooo !!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

So, here’s how the batter looked, before it went into the oven.


The cake batter

Now, the awesome blossom, CHOCOLATE CAKE, after baking !!!! 🙂 😆

The Awesome Blossom Chocolate Cake
The Awesome Blossom Chocolate Cake


Now, isnt the cake looking AWESOME !!!   At last, I’ve hit on the boredom with BAKING !!! 

Just an after thought !!!!  

I am also celebrating Hitch’s entry into the second round, by dedicating this WONDERFUL CHOCOLATE CAKE to HITCHWRITER !!!!  So, Hitch, here you go, have a piece and enjoy. You’ll get the dream job of yours !!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂  Friends, come on, dig in !!!!