She can do it !!!

Provisions need to be bought for this month.                

She can do it !!!!

Electricity bill needs to be paid.                                           

She can do it !!!!

Need to buy vegetables & fruits.                                          

She can do it !!!!

The tube light is not working. Call the electrician.       

She can do it !!!!

The kid is not well. Should see a doctor.                           

She can do it !!!!

X’s bday is coming. Buy some Gift.                                      

She can do it !!!!

Oh!! boring !! Bank works are piling.                                   

She can do it !!!!

Entertain family and friends.                                                 

She can do it !!!!

Credit card is not working.                                                     

She can make it work !!!!

Mobile connection disconnected.                                       

She can get the connection back !!!!

Loved ones are upset.                                                              

She can pacify them !!!!

Everyone is hungry.                                                                  

She can cook a delicious meal !!!!

So many things need to be done, now.                              

She can multitask !!!!


Please don’t take her for granted.

Yeah, she is smart, loving, understanding, multitasking, adjusting, independent and many more !!!!

Doesn’t she deserve some concern, love, smiles, hugs, warmth from the loved ones around her ???