Is it only me ????

Is it only me ???? 

I love to cook and I make sure whatever I cook is really tasty and looks good to serve too.  I try and get interesting recipes from friends, internet, anybody who has got a recipe for something new and I make sure I cook them, word by word.

Sometimes, I ask my daughters, what do they feel like eating and immediately do that for them.  I take great pleasure in cooking for them. Ahem ! Ahem !! They think that I am much better than Nigella Lawson and I try to keep up to the reputation. 🙂

My hubby, who also cooks well, always comes into the kitchen, to see what I am cooking and whether he can add some ingredient to my dish, thats getting cooked. But, I shooo him away, telling him not to add anything new to my recipe.


But there are times, when I don’t know what to cook !!!! 🙄

I am stuck for ideas. 🙄

All the veggies look so boring. 🙄

And at those times, nobody asks for anything special. They leave the choice to me. 🙄

During these boring times, even my hubby keeps himself away from the kitchen. 🙄

Making one cup of chai, for myself, looks like a humongous task. 🙄



But, all of a sudden, all these feelings are tossed out of my system !!! 😆

I am back into action, cooking, cooking, cooking like crazy, making up for all the time, I sat brooding. 🙂


Do you feel like this, any time ???????


37 Replies to “Is it only me ????”

  1. Position claimed, now I can tell you that yes I too go through such phases!! My family likes to be in the kitchen, they are all foodies, (I am not, I cook and eat to live, they live to eat)we have kept the TV in a way that I can watch the News and Blog from the kitchen … but still sometimes I just don’t feel like cooking 🙂

    Then I order something or get another family member to try something they like, and treat us. My husband cooks a lot, he is good too. And is proud of keeping the kitchen clean like me… like Saif Ali Khan in that movie…now what was it called???


    1. That’s a super idea – placing the TV in such a way to watch and cook – I can’t do that in my kitchen !!!

      U can blog from the kitchen – WOW !!! But ppl like me with BIV, shld not try stuff like that, hai na ? 🙄

      Its great, if husband lends a helping hand. 🙂

      But when we are not in the mood to cook, somehow, they also wont come in to cook !!!! Strange !!!


  2. Well, these days I feel this way when I go to buy veggies. The same old boring veggies. On most days I make my own thing, meaning what I want to eat! 😀 But everyonce in a while when I am stuck for ideas, I ask my husband. He always comes up with something a tad bit complicated and If I do not have the ingredients, he’d be glad to go and get it. Nut I get extra thrill in cooking that day. But letting him cook is a big NO! 😀

    And yes, it always feels like we cook just for the husband. The kids and we can manage with most anything! 😀


    1. Yeah, even me – when my hubby or my girls ask for something, I go crazy to do it for them !!! I feel very satisfied, too.

      When I am alone, I manage with Dahi and Chawal or previous day’s left overs – Why do I do this to myself ???? 🙄

      Ahem !! BTW, I see a lot of smilies !!! 😆


  3. Oh yes, certainly go through those patches of hating “to lift a finger” to cook!I sometimes wish i was a princess with a magic lamp to demand food from…but luckily I have a hubby that chips in, when he finds he has the time! rare as that is nowadys, i still use that option when necessary! 😉


    1. Welcome INDY !!!!

      Thank God, there are so many women out there, who go this phase of laziness towards cooking. 😆

      Does ur hubby cook well – at least edible stuff ???? After the cooking, does the kitchen resemble a Kumbhmela ???? If yes for the first and No for the second, then its fine with hubby cooking – What do u say ???? 😀


      1. Hahahaaa yes the food is edible, and often very tasty! I say that grudgingly as kids always say it’s better than mine! Hrmph!
        Me : Same here, in my family…. I’ll be making delicious dishes everyday, but what remains in the girls’ mind is the one noodles which he prepared some 3 years ago…life’s like that… 🙂
        And poor thing does clean up nicely after he’s done!
        Me : Gud for u !!! For me, it’ll be double load, after he cooks.
        However, I must point out that I am called often to point out where the ingredients are…:)
        Me : Same case…now a days, I ask my daughter to tell those things…so that I can totally stay out of kitchen.


  4. Kids are cruel, Uma. Esp. girls including me. Ha..ha..

    Moms make so much but if Dad makes or even touches a dish, it becomes their favorite. Girls! I tell you… God is giving me back for always supporting my Dad. 😆 Now I have a little one who worships the ground her Dad walks on.


    1. Daughters, are just like that, na !!!! 😆

      If Dad is not there on a Sunday (official trip), then the meaning of Sunday is gone – my younger one’s gyaan to me !!!!

      Whether we like it or not, whether Dad does things at home or not, daughters just worship their Dad. Actually, I am proud of that !!!!


    1. May I remind you of those days when you used to vuy readmade curries from the shop, put them in hot water, draing the liquid out of the packet into a plat with proud and say ‘I made Aloo Paneer’ or whatever? That is ALSO cooking 😆


  5. Absolutely not. My feelings towards cooking are very stable…I never feel like cooking. Ever 😀
    So I did the net best thing, married a guy who can cook, and who loves eating out 😀


  6. No… not just you… My wife says she also feels the same. It’s tough after marriage… every evening while returning from work, I gotta think what I need next day morning for breakfast or my wife won’t lemme sleep. And yeah, I can’t suggest the same thing on 2 days in the same week 😦


    1. WOW !! Do you let ur wife know, what u want for bfast next day ???? 😆

      Thats awesome. Thats what I want, sometimes – somebody tell me what is today’s menu !!!!! 🙂

      Try telling the menu everyday, at least ur wife will be very happy !!! 😆


  7. OMG! My sentiments totally!! There are times when I am sooooo lost!! I just dont know what to cook… M constantly on the look out for recipes which are easy to make yet different! :)))))))

    Hand me over, if you have some… Plzzzzzz! 🙂


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