Beware ! It’s BIV…

Morning 4.00 am

Place : Shangumugam beach (pic courtesy by ASH)

She(the Tinkerbell angel) is surrounded by her blogo friends Swaram (with hair flying on her face), Butterfly (looks like an angel), Hitch (with a burger in his mouth), Solilo (hiding her face with her solitaire), Nancy (always showing her two little hands), Crafty (looks like a cute crochet doll), Vimmuuu (wearing a Devil’s mask), Masood (the cap is hiding his face), OG (wearing masks of actors), Ash (she has such huge lovely eyes), Monika (the cheerful dancer with mehendi on her hands), IHM (Can’t see her face clearly in the twilight) !!!

WOW !! What a masti time on the beach !!!  Everybody enjoys the time spent on the beach.

Morning 5.30 am

Wife:    (To herself) Oh God !!! Was that a dream ???? It looked so real.  I wish I can arrange for a blogo friends meet, like the one in my dream.

Husband: (Sleepily) Good morning, darling ! Wake me up after you make chai. I’ll sleep till then.

Wife :    (Shaking her head left to right and with a smile on her lips) Good morning ! (In her mind) Ugh!! Its the same dialogue everyday.  God, today, I should be able to spend more time on my comp.  (What all new posts have happened in the past 7 hours ?)

Packs lunch box for the girls (How I wish that I can also put mehendi like Monika !!)

Gives them breakfast (Should I go to that North-east articraft exhibition and buy that jhumka. Looked very cute.)

Waves at the girls while they get into the school bus (OOOHHHH !!! These Onam Sadya pics by Butterfly and Ash are making me hungry so early).

Morning 7.00 am

Wife : (Thinking to herself) If I can finish cooking fast, I can spend more time on the comp. God, please make my husband leave for office in time,

so that my comp time is not affected. (Thank God, Crafty’s tortoise auto driver took her in time to meet with her BF. What a relief !!!)

(Aloud) Darling, wake up, its 7’o clock and the chai is ready…

Husband: (Shifting to a more comfortable position and covering himself from head to toe) Mmmmm, only 7’o clock, na…

give me 5 more mins…ppllleeeaassse…

Wife : What was the purpose of that dialogue at 5.30 in the morning ???? (Ash was thrilled to receive a flower bouquet from Vimmuuu, na !! So sweet of him.)

Morning 7.30 am

Husband : (Finally, at the dining table) Did the girls go to school ??

Wife: (Answering from the kitchen) Mmmmm (Hope that Masood will get back to his cheerful self. He was feeling so low, in his last post.)

Husband : The bus was on time ???  (What a way to do college, Hitch ?? 7 lectures in 3 years ?? You’re tooo much, you food freak !!)

Wife : Yeah Yeah !  (I am very intrigued about how IHM writes so much about social issues. Good we have a forum to talk abt all those.)

Husband : Where’s today’s paper ???  (Nancy’s so funny, na.  All her posts make me laugh so much.  Her girls are so adorable.)

Wife: Its on the center take it…I am heating your chai. (Solilo’s a Capricorn, eh? I liked the way Peanut tasted apple juice, to find that it tastes like beer)

Husband : I’ll wait till u come, you only get it.  BTW, Whats for breakfast ???

Wife: Idly and sambar…give me a minute…I am coming. (I still remember laughing so loud at OG’s lungi pic, posted in some matrimony column)

(Handing the chai and the paper to hubby) I wanted to ask you whether you’ll be taking lunch.

Husband: (Opening the Sports page, first) Mmmmm (Vimmuuu’s bathroom episodes are absolutely funny, na)

Wife :  Just can’t understand how these men start reading the paper from the last page.  (A little bit louder) Lunch….are you taking from home ????

Husband : Mmmmmmmmm ( This Crafty is always singing some song or other. Super music buff, na. But her song selection is so nice.)

Wife: (Uffff) I think I’ll better pack it. If you dont want it, I’ll eat it at home.  ( I enjoy this Danganakka dance in the comment section, guys )

Husband: Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…enna ????  (How come this Swaram is online, whatever time I check ??? )

Morning 8.30 am

Husband: WOW ! What a match ! Read what they’ve written about Sachin. He certainly is the greatest. What a player – simply superb !!!! I wish that India wins every match like this.  (Has read only the sports pages of The Hindu, Indian Express, Times of India)

OMG ! Is it 8.30, already ??? I’ve an important meeting today. Why didn’t you remind me that its getting late ????

Wife: Mmmmmm ????  ( What should I blog about today ? )

Husband: OK !  OK ! Dont get annoyed !!  Have you packed lunch ??? Yeah ??? Thanks my dear.

Since I am leaving early, whats your plan for the day ???

Wife: (Suddenly her face brightens up) While you’re getting ready, I’ll switch on the comp and login to my various accounts.

Quickly, check for new mails, new posts, new comments, replies to my comments.

Give you breakfast, and go straight to yoga class.

Then, eat my bfast and hit the comp again. Its will be 2 hours since I logged in last – so I’ll be  happily logging in again.

Its been a long time – almost 2 full days, since I blogged about something.  I should blog today.

Did you read my latest blog ???  I had emailed it to you. And you didn’t comment, na ???

This widget is not working with this theme.  Maybe I should try a different theme, eh ????

I am also thinking of adding one more page to my blog. What do u say ????

Husband: Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm This BIV (BLOG INFECTED VIRUS ) needs some serious treatment.

Its showing new symptoms now a days – like getting me addicted.

I should stop this addiction immediately. Whom should I consult ???

Yeah, thats right – The husbands of those BIV infected women can help. I should try to contact them, immediately.

We should all form a club for the fight against BIV.

We should also include those wives, whose husbands are gone cases with BIV.  Even those women will be suffering, just like us.


Dear Blogo Friends,

This is my everyday existense.  You are all in my mind, through out the day, with your posts, your comments and I am learning so much about you all, without having met each other.  And I am loving it….

So, if you think, you have BIV, please ask your partner to contact my husband.

Let us all help in the formation of their club, What say ???


Note : All the writings in red and enclosed within brackets are the parallel thought process of this BIV infected woman.