Thank you, dear God…

There was this GIRL
Who was born as the eldest of three.
Even though SHE loved to
Take care of HER siblings,
SHE longed to be youngest of three.
SHE prayed and prayed for years
For the wish to be granted.
God had already planned it out for HER
When SHE got married
HER wish was granted.
Now, SHE has one sister
And two brothers
All elder to HER.
It was a dream come true for HER.
The first brother is a great inspiration
To this GIRL
As SHE listened with fascination
About his hardwork and dedication
SHE pinched herself to see if this is real.
He helps people in need
Just like his father, indeed.
SHE loves the way he talks
About anything you ask for.
The second brother is HER friend
Who makes sure that SHE’S all smiles
Never had SHE known that a brother
Could influence HER so much in life.
He plans everything so well
That everybody’s life is going on well
The heart to appreciate that he’s got
Is a wonderful gift, from which SHE should learn a lot.
The sister is a picture of courage
Always taking life in its stride
With the conviction to do only what she feels is right
She certainly is one of the favourite.
This sister is a sweetheart
For the whole family lot
This is evidently clear
As everybody longs to be with her the most.
The husband was no less
To his sister and brothers
He made sure that SHE can cry
Only out of  joy.
He was the most happy man
When he became the father
He loves his daughters so much
That the GIRL cries out of joy, without a bother.
HER mother-in-law was her new found friend
With whom SHE can share anything & everything.
The will-power and mental strength (of HER mil)
Is something SHE is keen on learning.
Two more sisters
God gave HER
SHE had no bother
When HER sisters cared for HER.
They understood HER
They guided HER
The brother’s wives they never were
But sisters to HER they always were.
There’s one more warm soul
Whom SHE has not seen in person
But SHE sees him (the Father-in-law) everyday
In the helping heart of the first brother,
The care and appreciation of the second brother,
The courage and conviction of the sister
The quiet inner strength of her husband.
He (FIL) is there with us
We never think that he left us.
The GIRL’S new found family
Was just the right place for HER
For its not only the husband
But the whole family is loving towards HER.
The GIRL is very happy
Today is HER birthday !!!
SHE thanks God for making
HER life as a divine blessing !!!

41 Replies to “Thank you, dear God…”

  1. Aha…..first things first 😀



    Beautiful poem Uma…..u must definitely show it to ur family.
    Once again wishing u a very Happy Birthday & a wonderful day ahead!!!!!!!


  2. Many more Happy returns of the day. Really proud to read your blog which contains so much of love and care.

    May God Shower more 100 years and I wish to attend that Grand Birthday.


  3. Hey I am so sorry 😦 Dint login @ all this weekend and I am so late 😦 😦 😦

    Happy Birthday to You
    Happy Birthday to You my dearest Uma 🙂

    May God bless u 🙂

    Luv the way u hv written this post 🙂 May the Lord grant u all that u wish for and many many such wonderful people in your life 🙂 Hugs 🙂


    1. Hey ! Come on – you only told that there is nothing called Sorry ! Actually, thats the best part of friendship – we accept each other however we are.
      But you caught me before the day was over, right. Thank God for that.

      Thank u so much for the wishes. Saw ur sms only today morning.

      I had a great day – the love from all the people around me, kept me floated on top of a cloud. Every time the phone rings, and some lovely soul wishes me, I wanted to Thank God for making me so blessed.


  4. Wow, Uma never knew this poetess in you. Where was she all the awhile? Enjoyed very much, keep up the good work (who wouldnt need to be flattered?)


  5. WOW..all i can say is WOW!! Umma chitti you are so talented! That is such a beautiful poem and to tell you the truth, I don’t like poetry that much! haha 😛 I thought that it was brilliant and i feel like i understand you more now. You really are an inspiration to all of us and I hope that there are many more bloggy’s to come!! hehe! Love you loots!! Toodles! – Saggy xx =)


    1. Oh Saggy Dear !!! I am so happy that you guys like it.

      This blog, a reflection of me, my thoughts, my feelings is just what you’ve just read. Its the true reflection of my feelings for the most loving people who are around me. I know heart of heart, that I’ve changed in so many ways, from what I was before marriage and it is all for the better and gud. So, I had write to say my heartfelt gratitude. And thats what I did.

      May be I am taking inspiration from all you sweet girls of our family, who all write so well. Its there in your genes and by that I am being influenced. So, its thank you, girls.


  6. Belated Happy Birthday Uma 🙂 Loved this post…

    I too am the eldest in my family and the youngest in my husband’s family 🙂 I had no idea what fun the youngest child in the family gets to have until I got married 🙂


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