Golden Post


This being my half century post, I thought that it has to be extra special.

What better way to make it extra special, than sharing my Ganesh Chaturthi experiences with you !!!!



This beautiful Ganesh pictured above is the one, we installed at home for our puja.  It has always been in our culture to use Ganesha made out  of mud. Such Eco friendly people were our ancestors, who started this tradition. So, we never go in for painted versions for our puja.  Some people even make their own Ganesha at home, from clay, of course.

Why ??? Look at my friend’s Ganesha – it is a sight for sore eyes. And what creativity !!!  The Ganesha is all made out of leaves. Amazing work of art for the beautiful Ganesha.



The apartment I stay is the home to some 300 odd families, who join together in celebrating this Ganesh Chaturthi Utsav with great pomp and splendour. This year was no exception.  We had installed a beautiful Ganesha, as we do every year.  It is such a wonderful event with total participation from everybody.

This year’s celebration has been extra special for me.

The last time, I took part in a dance program was when I was in my 9th Class, for the school Annual Day Event.  I was one of the Gopikas who danced around Lord Krishna.  And after all these years, I’ve performed again during our apartment’s Ganesh Utsav celebrations.  A group of ladies performed the Thiruvadhirai Kali Dance which is performed during Onam in Kerala.  The Ganesh Utsav in our apartment is for 5 days and this year Onam is on September 2nd.  So, dance performance happenned yesterday amongst a great audience.  We also did the Kummi which is the traditional dance done after the Onam Feast.  Here is the group which mesmerised the audience.  Now, let me see how many of you are able to spot me in this photo !!!!




The whole evening was truly exceptional, inspirational and a fantastic experience for me.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and I am waiting for more wonderful things to happen like this one.

I’ll be posting more photos of our Ganesha in our apartment, soon.


32 Replies to “Golden Post”

    1. Hehehehe !!! Works with all women – you told that you dont understand women at all and have gone blah blah on your post !!!! Now, whats all this reading women’s mind ???

      Anyway, answer not accepted. You’ve to tell the right person.


  1. 4th from right 😉 Am I right 😛

    U look lovely Uma 🙂

    N that Ganesha made from the leaves – gr8 idea 🙂

    Any video of the dance pgm 😛


      1. Hey Swaram, I know you’ll guess correctly. That’s why I am holding back that comment. Of course, Bins is there. My daughter took the snap. One of the dancing ladies came late, so she missed the group snap.

        BTW, video of the dance is there with me, but its a very big file to upload. When we meet, you’ll get to see the dance.


  2. awesome dance i really enjoyed and for all da hardwork u guys did it really paid of …. great job on both the dance and u’r 50th post


  3. Too late to make any guesses, otherwise my guess would have been the same as Vimmuuu’s 🙂 So you are 4th from right? You look lovely!! I also loved the eco friendly Ganpati and also the leaf Ganpati!!!

    My heartiest congratulations for completing 50 posts!! Time does really flies 🙂

    Now that you are addicted, you will soon see a hundred too 🙂


    1. Thanks – 50 posts – had a great time blogging !!! Waiting to reach the next milestone.

      Thanks again for the comment on photo – Vimmuuu is just being himself. Swaram guessed it right becos she has seen me in FB !!! I held up her comment for a long time, thinking that some other person would guess, but all I got was Vimmuuu’s comment. Then I decided to publish the answer.


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