Wandering thoughts…

Ok !!  Just read that Masood had spent a weekend buying gadgets and is absolutely thrilled with his new mobile phone !!!  Congrats to you, Masood.

On reading about the new buy, my mind just wandered into a different line of thought  and here are those thoughts for you all.  (Sorry Masood, this has nothing against your buy.  It was just the starting point of my train of thoughts.)

A few years back, no one would have expected this world to go crazy about a small gadget called the mobile phone and now, its the craze around the world. And you buy one model today, it becomes outdated the next day or a much better version comes into the market.

Even though I love my mobile, I don’t like my mobile to perform multiple tasks.  I want separate gadgets for each and every task.  Silly me !!!

I am happy if my mobile can take and receive calls and extremely happy if I can send SMS.  And greatly satisfied to keep reminders and alarms in it. My requirements ends there.

I need my camera to take pics – I am never happy with my mobile camera. Actually the mobile phone pics are very good and its got great clarity, but still I prefer to use my SONY Cybershot for super pics and videos.

And, internet browsing is no fun with a mobile, according to me.  I prefer the comp with my regular keyboard.  Somehow, the thing that irritates me in a mobile is the keypad to use, while browsing.

Even though the mobile is of great use in tracking people and finding out where they are at that moment, I love using the land line phones and the lengthy conversations that go along with it.

Have you ever tried writing on a paper now a days ??   The handwriting goes for a big scribbling and doesn’t even look like mine, any more.  My fingers want to type and not to write.  What have I done to my fingers, now ????

One more thing that makes me feel so bad is that I am not using my photo albums anymore, as there are no more printed versions of the photos taken.  I love going through the photo albums once in a while, to travel back in nostalgia and enjoy those wonderful moments with my girls.  We do have those moments while we go through the photos on the comp, but its not like the photo albums days.  All the pics are in digital format and stored only in the comp – Where is the need for photo albums, now a days ?????   I have not bought a new album for the past 3 years and no picture prints too !!!!  Very sad !!!

The latest gadget to take us by storm is the ipod, for music lovers, like me.  Yes, I do have one, but it is mostly used by my girls. I have no great interest in using them.  My fav gadget for listening songs is the radio and I am a great fan of Vividh Bharathi station of All India Radio.  Oh, those lovely bhajans in the morning and the great and melodious hindi duets throughout the day – I just love it.  Maybe because I have grown with it, I am unable to leave it  –  even though, I have much advanced gadgets with me.  Always the comparison happens in my mind and the radio wins every time.

So, in today’s world, we are bombarded by new gadgets from all directions and we better become gadget friendly, otherwise, we will be left behind in the rat race.  But the heart yearns for those days, when we survived without those gadgets, isn’t it ????  After all, OLD IS GOLD !!!!


27 Replies to “Wandering thoughts…”

  1. U bet. Those gadget free days were good. People actually interacted with each other. Though these gadget are made with the purpose of keeping in touch every moment of the day, the reality is farther from the truth.

    Seperate gadgets for me too. I hate these all- in- one type of things. U are right about the photo albums too. there is nothing like sorting thru pictures. The digital pictures somehow don’t touch the same chord.


    1. Very true !! I want my photo albums back.

      Why !! We even dont write letters to each other. The wonderful art of writing letters is so obsolete now. But, children learn so many kinds of letter writing in school. What is the purpose of that learning ???


  2. Hehe….Umas u have just put down all my pet peeves;-D

    Infact I’m so bad at keeping up with technology simply becoz I’m so uninterested…..till a yr back I had no clue wht an ipod did or what a blackberry was;-P.

    But thanks to blogging[as in, when bloggers r talking abt these subjects I want to understand wht they r going on about] I’m beginning to take interest in all these thing;-P


    1. Hey Nancy !!! Gud to see u r back !!! How was vacation ??? Hope u had a grt time !!!!

      Now a days, our children are better at learning all these technologies than us. I just cant play a game on my mobile, but my daughters are expert at it. Its just that we have been brought up with different stuff, it takes time for us to know them.

      Dont u worry !! By the time, u get to know abt some new gadget, it would have become outdated. So, chill out, my dear.


  3. So true !! We have become so lazy these days with these gadjets !! I used to remember so many phone numbers before. and im not kidding, I dont even know my dads mobile number now ! Well, everythings on the phone, so why bother is my attitude !!! 😀 😀


  4. I loved all days of writing and photo albums but I love these days too. One of the best things now is the unlimited number of photos we can take, and edit them on our own… and as many copies as we like, not to mention instant sharing 🙂

    My lazy sister would have not stayed in touch with me, I used to wait for some news from her, today I can call her and ask her to check the pictures of my new curtains on Facebook.

    Getting a phone connection was so difficult. I feel safer while driving with the mobile with me.

    But I agree, I have been quite content with my basic cell phone, and I don’t need a new laptop every year, or a new camera every year either.


    1. Yes, I do agree that these gadgets have made life so easy – instant sharing of photos, instant messaging, social networking – truly fantastic. But I feel all these are at the cost of basic interaction skills like talking to each other, taking time to visit ppl and writing letters.

      Of course, we cannot escape this gadget invasion on us, but the heart still longs for those days, when we were free of these gadgets.


  5. I so feel like writing a letter nw! Yeah, though the invention of so many gadgets hs made life easy, I do miss those old days 😦 Writing letters ws more like pouring our heart out!

    But then, I do get to speak to Mom n Dad daily nw .. even every hr if I want n even know what they hd for breakfast each day 😉 Well, pros n cons – life is all abt that hai na 😛


    1. Yes, advantages are many – like u said, u talk with ur mom and dad daily.

      The point is I miss those gadget less days !!!!

      BTW, Are u back, from ur trip ??? How was Munnar ??? Hope u’ll be putting up a post full of pics taken there.


  6. Gosh..you make me feel sorry for buying new gadgets!!

    LOL..just kidding.

    Btw, I agree with you completely. Infact every now and then, I tell my wife to select her favorite photos and lets get it printed and put in a photo album…the real tangible one…and not a web album like picasa!

    I know thats old school but far more satisfying.

    Ofcourse, browsing the net via cell phone is so unfulfilling but in today’s world, it is so important to be connected..specially to work! Sometimes even a slight delay with a proposal or responding to an email leads to loosing a critical deal or part of a project to a competitor. Its crazy how competitive it is out there.

    I’ve seen both ends of the spectrum quite closely. Just until 10 yrs back, there were not cellphones or laptops or gadgets or connectivity on the go. This was while I was in college. And by the time I got to my post grads…everything was part of life! So much changed in less than 5 yrs! Unbelievable.

    I still sometimes play songs on the cassette player despite having an i-pod hooked in my car. Just nostalgia.


    1. Yes, nostalgia – that’s what we feel !!!

      Really ??? You didn’t feel bad, na ???? It was the just the starting point of my thoughts that I was compelled to mention ur name.

      Very nicely said – how the competitive world out there needs you to be connected all the time, otherwise you are lost in the race. Very true. All my wishes for you to keep upgrading your phone !!!


  7. Recently in my brothers wedding… a cousin came and she kinda can tell your character from your handwriting so she would give a page and ask everyone to scribble something… you know once i started writing… i needed 3 pages… before i stopped… !!! i just realised how much i love writing and how much i loved writing it… !!!!!!

    sigh… the small things and joys that we have lost…. sigh…


  8. I am someone who accepts change and find technology very useful. But I am also a big fan of writing- letter writing. I still love good old letter writing than e-mails but now no one prefers it so it stopped for me. I used to write letters to my grandparents but now they are no more.

    With parents it is phone, chat, e-mail and same with everyone else. So nowadays I scribble sometimes in my diary. My handwriting is not the same anymore :(. Here in US even school assignments are done on computer after a certain age but I plan to make a file for Peanut and also let her write/scribble. She loves writing so hope to continue with that.

    I like the new and old. There is good and bad in every era-every time.


  9. uma u r the one who introd me to fb and blogging and i am thkful for that. i am so blah with techn that my hubby and girls shake their head either in amusement or…. i def miss writting letters but i welcome tech b’cos in this fast paced world u are lost if u do not know how to sms or use skype… these two specially i love b’cos i get to spk to my mals who is so far away


  10. I absolutely love the way, you’ve put it. I’ve no words to refuse what you say.

    Whatever said and done, its the heart’s yearnings for writing letters, listening to radio and things like that which made me write this post.

    Of course, who wants to lose this gadget rat race ???


  11. Oh! Ya well, I gave my English Prof. a flabagastered look when he asked me to write something and give it to him for the mag…I don’t think I will…typing is anyday faster besides who wants to rewrite when it is already on the WWW?


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