To my dear friends,


So, here comes another Friendship Day – 1st Sunday in the month of August – 2nd of August, 2009.


This year is remarkable in my friendship world, as I have made many friends – the fact that makes me very proud and happy. Thank you, God !!!


Yeah, I am talking especially about the Blogosphere – in such a short time, we’ve come to know so many things about each other (through our expressive blogs), we wait for each others comments and not a day goes by in which we don’t view each others pages.


Hey, all you guys, you have all made me happy in some way or the other ! 


Some share the same passions with me.


Some of you are extremely funny, that I forget my day to day problems for a while and I am so grateful for that.


Some of you comment with such sincerity, honesty that words choke in my throat, when I say thank you.


Let me take this Friendship day excuse, to say a BIG THANK YOU to

  • everyone of my friends whose personal touch makes a huge difference in my life, 

  • those friends who are also my well wishers and pray for my goodness and health,

  • my new found blogger friends with whom I share my every day’s existence.


Lets this friendship last forever and may it grow stronger over the years to come !!!!

                                       FRIENDSHIP DAY


12 Replies to “To my dear friends,”

  1. Hey, wish you the happiest friendship day ever !!!
    UmaS : Thanks !!
    First time in your blog and what a post to comment for the first time.
    UmaS : Welcome, Glad u like it !!!
    and as a toast for this new friendship, Im blogrolling you !!! (All the best, Buhahhahahaa- evil laugh)
    UmaS : Evil laughs apart, I like the toast to the friendship. I thot you were a cross-border terrorist – anyway, evil laughs can suit you ! 🙂


  2. Arrey wah! You made a new friend.
    UmaS : Blogosphere helps a lot !!!
    Happy friendship day to u too, buddy!
    UmaS : Yes, heres wishing many more to come !!!


  3. Thanks & wish you the same, Happy Friendship day.

    “In prosperity our friends know us. In Adversity we know our friends.” – Colin Powell

    Wishing everybody to get good friends.

    UmaS : Thanks Prakash. I really like ur quotes in every comment of yours. Its very inspiring.


  4. Uhahahaha! I scheduled a post for 12 n thought i wud be amongst the first to post 😉
    UmaS : Looks like I beat you to it, for once, in posting a blog. 🙂
    Looks like all of u wanted to wish in advance 🙂

    Very Happy Friendship Day Ums. Hope we will stay as close for ever n ever n that the bond grows stronger!
    UmaS: Thanks dear. I too wish for this friendship to grow forever !!!


  5. happy friendship day uma. friends r so imp to our lives and we r truly lucky if we find friends where there is undestanding on both sides, there r no hang ups and where u dont judge each other.
    UmaS : Thats the best part of frndship. Where there is total acceptance of what you are, friendship blooms there.


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