Varied thoughts…

Some varied thoughts on past week’s activities, capsuled into one post, by me.   Howzaat ?????

First, this Solar Eclipse was of great importance because it is the longest eclipse and such a thing is not going to happen in the next 132 years. A separate chartered flight was arranged for people to see the eclipse from the sky. WOW ! How spectacular it will be !!!   Also, a great many people gathered in Varanasi in India, where the eclipse was viewed without any disturbance from the clouds.  I was so surprised to see so many old people in orange coloured outfits (looked like the rishis), wearing special glasses to view the eclipse.  Times have changed, eh ???

Because, it is still in the hindu tradition, that tells you not to view the eclipse.  The story goes like this…

The two planets called the Ragu and Kedhu swallow the sun for sometime and then release it.  When the sun is inside the Ragu’s mouth, the light which comes out is poisonous, because Ragu is depicted as the powerful, poisonous snake in the epics.  This poisonous light will harm people, is the superstitious myth passed onto generations of people, which make them scared to watch the eclipse.  So many houses are closed tight, not allowing the light to enter the house during the eclipse time.

Actually, I wanted to see the eclipse, but the clouds played spoil sport in my city.  I have seen it, when I was young and my dad took me to the famous Marina Beach in Chennai to have a bath in the sea, as is the custom.  Whatever the custom, I really enjoyed the whole time, in the beach.

Now, what did you all do ???  Did you stay in the home, practising the tradition ? Or did you venture out to view the spectacular celestial occurrence ???


The FaceBook has really hooked people on to it, like a magnet.  My hubby, S, is certainly not a blog addict or a Facebook addict like me.  So many of my husband’s cousins are now on my Facebook list of friends. I am absolutely thrilled about this whole episode.  And people, whom I have never met, like my blogosphere friends are also on my Facebook list.  This week had been a hell of activity on Facebook, with me adding so many new friends. Am very satisfied, Facebook made my week !!!___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

One lesson I’ve learnt in the last week – If whatever you think is going to happen, then what is the purpose of the Supernatural force, called GOD ????

Whenever we think, that this is the course of our life – I’ll buy a house in this city – I’ll work in this company….    Whenever you think, that you life is fixed in everything, everything we have worked so hard to fix, changes overnight. Life goes for a topsy-turvy.  The stability you thought you had, is gone.  This is the time to realise that not everything is in our hands. Be ready for change in life.  Nothing is fixed in this ever changing universe.  The moment we prepare ourselves for the change, which can come in any time, it becomes easy to accept that change, when it comes.



8 Replies to “Varied thoughts…”

  1. I have always loved to watch an eclipse. Direct glare always. I wish I was in India this time for the eclipse. 🙂 Eclipse is a beautiful sight to watch.
    UmaS : It was spectacular !

    Virtual life is an addiction some way or another.

    The only thing constant in life is change. You wait or not, it will be there.
    UmaS : Yes, I did know abt that. I’ve learnt to accept those changes in life. But, something totally out of the blue happens, it just takes a toll on you.


  2. Wow Uma! U must hv had a gr8 time @ Marina beach na!!!!
    UmaS : Very true, enjoyed every moment of it.

    N FB is ultra cool 😉 Me saw the face behind ‘Umsreflections’ there itself 😛 Glad to know u hv added so many friends this week! yay!
    UmaS : Very satisfying week, yeah.

    N well written abt change. Now, what is it that u r awaiting????? Don’t tell me u gng from Hyd 😦 *sob* *sob* We need to meet!)
    UmaS : Just talking abt them. Dont imagine stuff. But, we hv to meet. I’ll surely get cerelac, mixed fruit flavour for u.


    1. Ahh how sweeet … u remember the flavour too 😉
      Shruthi n Shalu must be laughing @ me if they know abt Cerelac 😛

      UmaS : Not yet told them about this weirdo habit of my blogo frnd.


  3. love eclipses. i dont particularly believe in any superstitions but am a little scared to take chances. why? because am scared that i might loose what i already have..which is great *touchwood* (see mentioning touchwood is also nothing but a superstition)
    UmaS : Even though we tell ourselves – not to believe in superstitions – some are just ingrained so deeply, that u cant do without it.

    Agree to every word you said about change. Nothing like being prepared for it. Change can be for good or bad. Good is easily acceptable but we aren’t ready to accept change that takes us out of our comfort zone…and those are normally the bad ones!
    UmaS : Of course, it takes a great amount of courage to brave those changes that shake our comfort zone !! Only when the test happens, we’ll know our strength.

    Great post.
    UmaS : Thanks 🙂


  4. I love eclipses… i know when I m travelling remote jungles of congo… and the originals catch me.. I know how to use the eclipse to my advantage.. I have seen lots of movies… !! he he he…

    UmaS : he he he… BTW, changing header pics and avataar pics looks like the top priority job !!!



    Instead of reading LIFE IS NO WHERE if we read LIFE IS NOW HERE then we can see the happiness always.

    UmaS : Absolutely true. After all, its happiness that we are in search of.


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