Silly of me !!!

Do you all know what a silly thing I did today morning ????

I was  really getting late for my yoga class at 9am.  I running here and there, switching off lights and fans, checked whether all the doors are locked (why did I do that, today ???) grabbed my yoga mat and finally I got out of my home – only to realise that my keys were inside.   Silly of me !!!  I locked myself out !!!!

Now, what to do ???  Thank God, I had the mobile with me !!  I’ve never been glad abt that gadget, before.   I called the maintenance of our apartment for help.  OOPS !!! All the guys were busy and they can come only after 30 mins.  Now, what to do ???? 

Relax, Uma, Relax.  Breathe slowly !!! Feel the breath going in through your lungs and take time to exhale !!!  — All my Yoga teacher’s words were coming to my mind.  Suddenly, I decided that I’ll tackle this locked door problem after my class.  Why should I miss my class and be the watch woman to my own home, when those guys can’t come and break the lock  ???? 

I went for my class, then went to the maintenance office, got the guys and set them to work.  That guy went to the floor above us, used a jhoola kind of thing (used for painting the outer walls of the building), got into my back balcony.  He then fumbled with the back door lock – finally used a spoon lying there to open the door. 

And alas !!!  I came into my home.  WOW, what a great feeling it is to be home !!!  Now, I absolutely understand the feeling of being at home, Thank you God.  This home is heavenly bliss for me !!!  Really, I swear it !!!!

Now, do you know what I treasure most ???  My house keys, of course !!!!


11 Replies to “Silly of me !!!”

  1. Getting locked out is my wife’s speciality… She used to do it very easily…. she would come out to talk to our neighbour and the wind would slam the door and she is out…

    no sweat… she easily did it… earlier i used to have keys in my bike’s keychain now we have it at a neighbours place to save this trouble… lol…

    UmaS : Even though this is the first time for me, I actually gave my keys to one of my neighbour, to save me from future troubles. Guess what ??? She got locked out, herself !!! So, I got the keys back from her.


  2. OMG! Ur title made me run to this post when I saw it on the reader though I was in a hurry to complete something 😛
    UmaS : The title is the eye catcher to what we write… Even I’ve been intrigued many a times by the title beckoning to me !
    Glad it dint take a long time to be back in ur Home Sweet Home .. hai na 🙂
    UmaS : Just 1 hr of high tension live wire status !!
    N nice of u to hv been practical n attended the Yoga class 🙂
    UmaS : I think the yoga helped in cooling me a lot. 🙂


  3. Uma, I could not stop laughing at the fact that he could open ur lock with a spoon. I am just thinking of robbers walking around with spoons of different sizes. Ha ha! But glad u did go to yoga.

    UmaS : You shld hv seen the guy have all sorts of things, but none opened my lock, except for a silly spoon. Now, if news spread, the robbers will be haunting the cutlery section in shops.


  4. getting locked out is def not a laughing matter to the person who is locked out but the situation warranties laughs for those who listen to such incidents. my beloved hubby got locked out once 20 odd years back with only a towel to protect him. he was cleaning the house to impress me and got locked out when he went to put the garbage. so u can imagine the stories i heard from his friends abt the incident

    UmaS : Absolutely true !! Now, I laugh abt it. But at that time, I was literally scolding myself, for doing such a silly thing !!! I remember that incident being told to me as a very funny story, but I can imagine his plight !!!


  5. we are not at all odd persons here, but our story is little bit different.

    We had two keys, our door cannot open or close if the key is in other side and the design of the door is no handle at outside.To drop our guest we came out then realized she didn’t take her key which is on other side. what do you say now? I got my key but still we cannot enter or even cannot lock the house.

    We were tensed called the security guard, tried all 007 posibilties finally the security fellow told it will cost dhs.500 which is inr 6500/-. I was very cool i told no need let we go out first and decide later. We went with our guest out had fun. We came back and tried the same 007 tricks it works well.

    Moral we learnt:- Impatience/anger are the lock, Smile/Patience are the key of Success.

    UmaS : WOW ! I thot I was the silly one out there !!! Anyway, ur 007 ways worked, when you were cool and patient. And, Thank God u saved that dhs 500, too.


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