Am I superstitious ?????

Fridays, at my Yoga class, are dedicated to meditation and today was no exception.  Oh ! I love the part where you can really concentrate on the breathing and keep away the thoughts.  It’s guaranteed to bring in peace to the mind and totally relax the body.

And while I was concentrating on my breathing, suddenly I felt that my left eye was twitching. 

Now, since the time I was born, so many dos and donts have been ingrained into my mind that now, after learning that so many of them were totally silly stuff,  I am still unable to let go of those. 

For example, left eye twitching, is supposedly a lucky thing for women, while its the right eye for men.  After googling, I came to understand that the eye twitching is an involuntary eyelid muscle contraction.

Has this understanding changed my superstition, about the twitching eye ???   No, Never.

Even today, whenever my eye twitches, the following is my course of thought :

  1. Hurriedly check whether it is the left eye or the right one.
  2. If it is right one, discard the thought process.  Thank God, somebody didnt tell me that right eye twitching is unlucky for women. I would have gone through hell.
  3. If it is the left eye, I consider myself lucky.  The scientific explanation comes to my mind – “it is an involuntary eyelid muscle contraction”.  To hell with the scientific discovery. What’s wrong in thinking that something good is going to come out of something as silly as a twitching eye ????
  4. Then I start looking at things with a new perspective, trying to believe that something lucky / good is going to happen to me.
  5. The twitching left eye, made my day.

Am I alone in this superstitious eye twitching belief or do any one of you share it with me ?????


9 Replies to “Am I superstitious ?????”

  1. LOL
    You are definitely not alone.
    I actually am not sure which is lucky and which is not. But every time my left eye twitches, something wrong happens. Or thats what I deduce. And vice versa for the right one!
    So you can imagine I almost keep waiting for my right eye to twitch. And when it does, my day is made! 🙂

    UmaS : Thank God ! I am sane. So, its really true, that right eye twitching is lucky for men !!!! I’ve to tell my grandmom, who told me abt this, first time 🙂


  2. Oh yeah I remember having been told abt this .. I for one, personally don’t believe in them but do follow certain easy things like not to cut ur hair on such a day, not to cut nails in the evening n so many other stuff … just bcoz if the elders catch me doing it, I am gone n they feel bad too 😛
    UmaS : It begins like that… listening to elders. Then we dont want to hurt them, by going against their beliefs.
    U know once, a black cat crossed my way on the day of my results ;). I think that is supposed to me a real bad omen 😛 But I got the highest marks of my life that term n so I luv the black cat 😉 My grandma stil argued that the Pujas they have done all their life have neutralised the ill effect n all that 🙂 I nodded my head … why hurt her 😛
    UmaS : Black Cat or not… its truly your effort for getting such high grades. But we give credit to something / somebody for our efforts. Sometimes, I feel torn between 2 things in life – what you were made to follow when young and the explanation you got when you grow up.


  3. I do hope something nice happens to you. Yeah I like the superstitions that say nice things. Personally, i find it very hard to follow things that happen on certain days coz more often than not, I do not even know what date it is, unless I have to write a cheque. But you told me that one can only remember after years of living with those instructions.
    UmaS : Yeah, b4 doing anything, first I refer the day, the star, what not.. even for something like cutting nails, hair cut.. dont ask me !!!
    How we pooh pooh the things we don’t believe in, nah? I found it very funny that you googled it only to brush it aside and go ahead and believe what you want! 😀
    UmaS : Its the inner voice, which desperately wants to believe that something gud is going to happen out of anything !!! Actually, it is this human quality that has led to the invention called SUPERSTITION.


  4. you are not alone babe…

    i do such stuff like nazar utarna etc…i am so suprestitious that i will never put picture of my twins on my blog…

    UmaS : Thanks for reciprocating my feelings.


  5. Thinking Good/Bad Luck is the weakness of the human mind, it is inherent, has always been and always will be in our is a senseless fear of god.

    My View:- Superstitious belief is common but it should not hurt any form of living being.

    UmaS : Absolutely, somewhere our ancestors thot that they can increase the fear of God in people, by way of superstitions. And it has grown into a great banyan tree with roots all over the world.
    Yup, I am keeping all the beliefs to myself, OK ????


  6. Haha. My left eye totally twitches a lot!! I think it’s when i’m tired, at least that’s mama’s explanation for it!:P When i read that you said it was lucky, i was like Yay! Forgive me for my weirdingness. Ok now mama wants to comment so toodles!

    UmaS : Hey ! It feels gud to see ur comments, here. When my left eye was twitching 2day morning, I thot that some nice comment is on my way !! It proved to be right.

    By the way, i really like hp, daddy and patti thought it was a load of nonsense!! But i defended him! Harry Potter for life!

    UmaS : WOW ! Join us too, in the HP team !! They shld have read the book to really enjoy the movie, rt ???


  7. hi, r we super…stitious or not? we r. we were born with sp ingrained in us. i only think positive. good ones i relish bad sps i ignore totally. as long as u dont get hypo its fine

    UmaS : Thats the whole idea !!! Even though Left Eye twitching has some scientific explanation, I prefer to believe the superstition that its going to bring in something gud and lucky !!!


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