The best FOURS of my life…

OK ! Hitchwriter, here it is. I’ve taken up the tag and tried my level best to do it.

Even though it was easy, I had to do a lot of thinking and choose between favourite ones – so, it took some time.


Four places I have lived:

Chennai – Mylapore:  Birthplace and the one closest to the heart.  The word “Mylapore” has a sweet tone to it, according to me. As our home was situated a little farther away from the bus routes, we used to do quite a bit of walking. I’ve never complained of those lovely walks, as it was a great journey for me. Friends meet me on the way and I used to wait at the nearest bus stop for my friend to come… the walk has so many memories attached to it.  And I never take an umbrella to school – I hate to carry it separately.  So, I used to come home, dripping wet in the rain, sneezing a lot, but having a lot of fun and one of the best times of my life.  The chai conversations with my sister were the best time of the day, any day.  And since we lived with cousins, grandparents, we were one huge family with some activity going on, every minute.

Chennai – Adayar: The place I lived after I got married, is a place of great learning for me.  In my home, I was the eldest. So, all my cousins, looked up to me for everything.  But, at Adayar, I was the youngest daughter-in-law. Even though I got the care and attention of the elders, it was a great place to learn for me.  My views, perceptions and so many things inside me, changed for the better, here.

Trichy– This small town in the heart of Tamil Nadu, holds great memories for me.  We lived in Trichy for 2 years and Thank you God, I’ve been able to visit each and every temple in and around this place.  Here was the first time, I saw a river everyday of my life – the life saving River Kaveri.  I love those days, when I was fortunate enough to have  a dip in this river.  In this place, my job profile included being a tourist guide to all the relatives, friends who visit my home. And I loved every minute of it.

Hyderabad – The twin cities of Hyderabad-Secunderabad is where I am, now.  The experiences in this place have made me into a stronger person.  I am loving it.


Four T.V Shows I Love to Watch

Nigella Feasts / Nigella Express (Discovery’s T & L)  :Nigella Lawson has captured me by her simplistic cooking and delicious recipes.  Actually, she is very clumsy.  But that’s what makes her more loved, because nobody is perfect. Even with her clumsiness, if she can create such wonderful, lip smacking dishes, why can’t I ?  That’s why, she is a great inspiration to many people, across the world. They rightly call her – Domestic Goddess.

Rachel Allen Bake (Discovery’s T & L) : As I’ve become addicted to baking, this new show too has caught me like fire. I am trying to get better at baking.

Samantha Brown’s Travel Show (Discovery’s T & L) : I’ve never seen a more cool host than Samantha. I just love the way she talks and introduces us to gorgeous places around the world. Oh ! I would love to be on the show with her.

Happiness – A Journey with Deepak Chopra, Bodylicious Yoga : These two shows with the NDTV Good Times, are a great stress buster for me.  You can visit here to know more about the Happiness Journey.

Doordharshan’s Rangoli, Chitrahaar have been my favourites from my childhood days.


Four Places that I have been on Vacation

Masinagudi : This is a jungle resort, a 2 hour drive from Mysore.  I just loved the time we had here.  It was here, that I went for horse riding for the first time in my life.  Not to forget, the Elephant Safari (Elephant ride too, first time) during the early morning hours to spot a tiger / bison. But we were not lucky to spot any of those.  But I enjoyed the deer, the dancing peacock – on the whole the experience was wonderful.

Chunnambar Back Waters: This back waters are situated near Pondicherry, in Tamil Nadu.  Oh ! I loved the ride on the boat, with the wind in my hair. Great outing  !!!

Kullu / Manali: Most unforgettable trip of my life and it was My honeymoon trip too !!!!!  Wow, I travelled for the first time by flight from Delhi to Kullu.  I can still remember the view from my window – the awesome and majestic Himalayas and how the sun played shadows with those mountains.  My first attempt at skiing – even though it was a absolute failure – was enthralling for me.  The hot chai in mutkas – one of the best in my life. I can go bla, bla on this trip so much that I can dedicate a blog to it.

Kolkatta –  This was the birth place of my hubby S.  He is so passionate about Kolkatta that he wanted us to enjoy the city like he did when he was young.  So, he took us during Durga Puja last year, to show the city of his heart, to us. We loved it to thrills. The puchkas, rasogullas, luchi and aloo dum, kachoris – WOW, what a feast we had.  Even though the city is just like how the Britishers left  it to us, we enjoyed it so much through the eyes of my husband.


My Favourite Food Items

Dosa, sambar, chutney – I think there is no doubt on this favourite. The Dosa blog will explain the way I drool about Dosas of various kinds.

Hyderabadi Chicken Briyani– I’ve developed a taste to this wonderful delicacy after shifting to Hyderabad.  Wah ! Wah ! Once tasted, you’ll not leave it for anything.  BTW, please take care of your calories.

Black currant Icecream– There is this flavour with Amul, which I just love. The currants which you get to taste, while eating the ice cream is mind boggling experience for me.

Samosas / Pakodas– Yeah, I love them so much, but now a days restrict eating them a lot.  Pakodas are a weekend affair, in our home, when the whole family is hogging on them, as though they’ve not seen a pakoda for years in their life.


Four Websites that I visit daily

Yahoo Mail – To check on my regular mails, the Yahoo groups I am a part of.

Google – Another one of my favourites.

WordPress  –  New passion.


Four Places that I would Rather be

Taj Coramandel Beach Resort  – The beach has always stimulated me. Even when I grew up, the Chennai Marina Beach was the favourite weekend outing for us.  So, I was very much fascinated with this Taj Resort and we had a great time there.  One of the best places to beat your stress.

Yercaud – I’ve been to this lovely hill resort 3 times as of now, but still feel that the place is beckoning to me !

Manali – I would love to live in the snow.  One day, I promise myself, that it’ll happen. 

My school– I just love my school so much that I would like to go back to those days of sheer happiness. No commitments, no tension, no finances to handle, no image to keep upto – OMG ! what a lovely phase of life.  I would rather be in my school, than in any place of the world.


Four Things I hope to do before Time Runs out

Bunjee jumping  –  This, I had been wanting to do, for sometime now.  First, my cousin did it in the US and he talked so much about this that I wanted to try it. Then it was the turn of Samantha to inspire me more. Recently, during the IPL T20, when Mandira did it, the decision has been made by me. I’ll do it, for sure, one day.

Do a perfect Breast stroke and Butterfly stroke in Swimming : Yeah, I do know a little bit of swimming which my daughter thinks is the best. But I know that the strokes are not perfect.  I would love to learn them the perfect way, as those people who take part in Olympics do.

Go for a World tour – This has been on my mind for quite sometime now, after seeing Samantha showing off some great holiday places around the world.

Have a dip in a hot spring situated in a cold place – What an awesome feeling !!!  In an absolute chilly climate, you dip into a hot spring.  I hope to do it too, before time runs out on me.


Four Novels I Wish I was Reading for the first Time

The other side of midnight by Sidney Sheldon – My first novel when I was in Class 10.  So many things changed in me, after this reading.  Wish I could read it again –  like that day, so many years ago.

The fountainhead by Ayn Rand – An absolute favourite of mine. I keep reading it from time to time, when I get the time. It always feels new to me.

Arthamulla Indhumadham by Kavingnar Kannadasan – This collection of books in Tamil has inspired me a lot.   It talks highly about the Hindu religion and I am a great fan of this series. 

The Tintin series / Harry Potter series / Asterix and Obelix – I loved reading them, then. Will love reading them, now.


Four Movies that I can watch over and over again

I think the list is endless….

The father of the Bride / The Runaway Bride / When Harry met Sally– Actually Romantic comedies are my favs.

Hum Tum / Rang De Basanti / Lagaan / QSQT –  There are quite a few exceptions, too.

Mouna Raagam(Tamil) / Abhiyum Nanum(Tamil) / The classic B&W ones of Hindi and Tamil, The 60s and 70s of Hindi cinema with great songs

The Home Alone series / Harry Potter series


So, blogo friends, now, you all know more about me. 

I am also not tagging anybody, in particular. So, please take up the tag, so that I can also get to know more about you all.

Is there any more tag to do ?  Please send it my way.


10 Replies to “The best FOURS of my life…”

  1. Nigella Lawson seems very popular in the females !! eh.. !!
    UmaS : Even among males, eh !!!! I have proof !!!
    Hey I gotta visit Hyderabad and have the authentic hyderabadi biryani… last time i visited I wasnt eating non veg… but this time I m sure to do it…
    UmaS : Cool ! There are so many authentic hyderabadi stuff, which you must try. Me and Swaram, we’re here – let us know abt ur trip.

    Manali is total heaven… !! the chai’s and the pyaaz paratha’s !!! aah…. !!!! I even love the chicken momo’s they serve there… mind blowing !!!
    UmaS : 🙂
    How I would also give anything to be in school or college… so true… !!!!!
    UmaS : Such carefree days !!!! How I long for them ???

    and so many of those hindi movies… I love… though I cant stand Harry potter movies… not even 1 second…
    UmaS : HP – hype is too much. But I want to give due credit to JK Rowling for creating an awesome storyline.


  2. I hv been to Mylapore … The Ramakrishna Math is there isn’t it?
    UmaS : Absolutely right. You shld also visit the new temple next to the Math. Its got a superb meditation hall – actually a temple for all religions – that kind. Its awesome !

    Chunnambar Back Waters: need to check that out then!
    UmaS : There are many backwaters in that part of the coast. We visited this place and I loved it.

    Dosas n Samosas n Pakoras … y y y Uma r u reminding me of all these delicacies 😛
    UmaS : Tempting u to come home, what else ??

    Manali is indeed like heaven on earth … njoyed every bit of my stay there n did nt want to come back 😉
    UmaS : Same here. 🙂
    Why dont we plan some outing together, of course, when my girls are off from school ???

    Bungee jumping n World tour – Me too 🙂
    UmaS : Lets do it before the time runs out on us.


    1. Yeah .. the universal temple rt 🙂 Its very nice 🙂

      N we will g 2gether to Manali n njoy 😉

      N also world tour n bungeee jumping n everything else possible on earth 😛

      UmaS : Awesome, Come on, Team up, Lets plan !! 🙂


  3. Mylapore Maami….just wanted to say that. 😀
    UmaS : Gotcha correctly ! Whenever I wear the traditional style sari, my hubby teases me like that, always !! 🙂

    Biriyani, Dosa, Sambhar Hi-fi Uma. My kind of girl!
    UmaS : Give me 5 !!! 🙂

    Bunjee jumping me too. I wrote the same on my tag a long back. So let us plan together.
    UmaS : Yeah, I would love to !!!


    1. lol 😛 @ mylapore maami 😛 well solilo you are bound to get a bingo for that 🙂
      UmaS : OMG! Too many ppl around here, know abt this.
      and well my college is there as well..and i love the spirit of the area.. 🙂
      UmaS : Which College u go to ? Oh ! I love the Mylapore area. Dont remind me of that. I am missing it.


  4. It must have taken you ages to put up this post, knowing ur schedule. 😀 It was lengthy but very interesting.

    UmaS : Yeah, took a lot of time deciding on the favs. Anyway, glad its interesting to read. 🙂


  5. smart way to add more than 10 movies in 4 rows! 😉
    UmaS : HeHe ! I had to find a way !!! 🙂

    drool drool over hyd biryani. i think I automatically get dragged towards blogs that mention the 3 magic words ‘hyd’ ‘dum’ ‘biryani’ 🙂
    UmaS : Drool, drool here also !!!

    coming from a true hyderabadi at heart (coz i never got to live there!)
    UmaS : So sad ! Should parcel u some, what say ??

    btw, great blog! first time here 🙂
    UmaS : Welcome, Masood ! Thanks.


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