A Welcome to the festive season

I am a lover of festivals and I am eagerly waiting for the festive season to begin, by next month.  Ganesh Chaturthi, Janmashtami, Navarathri (Dusshera), Diwali, Karthigai Deepam, Christmas, Sankranthi.. the list is endless, but the listed few are my favs.  I just love the whole festive mood, the food spread that go along with it and the customs too. Actually, in our custom, we have to wear the traditional saree outfit – the saree being 9 yards long. But I dont mind it at all, as long as I get to celebrate the festival.
I just thought that I would welcome the festive season, with the advent of Aadi masam (Aashadam), by sharing a few pics from the last year festivities at my home.
The first one, was taken during the Karthigai Deepam, where lighting lamps is the most important thing to do. We do it on the full-moon day of the Karthigai masam, praying to Lord Shiva. This festival is at its best at Thiruvannamalai in Tamil Nadu.

During Karthigai Deepam


This one below was, of course, during Christmas. As my girls wanted to do a tree on their own, I got this one for them. They set it up and decorated it – the first tree at home.  I even baked a chocolate cake on Christmas Eve.
Christmas Tree at Home
Christmas Tree at Home
This one was taken during the Rangoli competition in our apartment during Sankranthi.  I thoroughly enjoyed the festival, with great Sakkarai Pongal (Rice, Dhal and Jaggery with lots of ghee) and Vadai to go along with it.
Rangoli competition during Sankranthi
Rangoli competition during Sankranthi
On the whole, I had a great year full of festivals I adore, admire, love and greatly passionate about.  Hope that this year too will bring in more excitement, fun, peace, health with the festival season.

6 Replies to “A Welcome to the festive season”

  1. Yes. Please celebrate all the festivals this year too. And pass on the goodies like u did last year. 😀

    I am also eagerly waiting for the festive season for the above mentioned reason!! 😀 Ha ha!!!

    UmaS : Absolutely, will pass on the goodies ! Just be in line, OK ! 🙂


    1. Where are the goodies? Not fair. Me wants some. Droool.. 😀

      UmaS : Sure ! Am planning a separate package to my blogosphere friends ! Will you send me some apple juice that tastes just like beer ???


  2. U know Uma .. I too wait for Sravana to begin .. We do this Bimanavasya to begin with [praying Lord Siva to have a gr8 marital life] and then Mangala Gowri Vratam for 5 yrs after marriage. Ganesh Chaturti is our favourite and I luv watching the NImajjan @ Hussain Sagar. I had done a post on all the festivals last yr with pics too 🙂

    UmaS : Actually we do have the nonbu (vratam) one in aavani (sravanam) and one in march. The goodies make the festivals more special for the foodie in me.

    Luved that Karthigai Deepam rangoli and the Christmas tree is beautiful 🙂 Hugs to Sruthi n Shalu 🙂

    UmaS : Thanks. I luv doing the rangolis. Will pass on the hugs to the girls.


  3. ayyo.. the holidays are so far… !!! some one is surely dreaming of them… !!!
    UmaS : The festivals are just a few days away ! Lets welcome them anyway!

    I dont blame you… I myself always do…
    UmaS : Everyone yearns for the festivals, I think !

    I m waiting for rakhi on 5th aug… its my wife’s birthday and we go home for vacation on 4th august… !!!!!!! yipeeeeeeeeeeeee 24 days to go… we have a wedding on 9th and then on Janmashtmi hope to gamble a lot… on that night.. its a tradition in gujarat… time to catch up with friends… !!!! after that the next big celebration will be divali…
    UmaS : See u r counting days – just like my daughter ! And hurray from my younger one – She is a Leo and she’ll be thrilled to know someone who is also a Leo – Bday wishes to ur wife !
    whew you set me in holiday mood already 1!!!!!!!!!
    UmaS : Thats the whole idea ! 🙂


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