I am drained…

Being tagged by Swaram to list out the 10 things that me drain me out emotionally, I sat to think….  And I thought a lot.  Finally, came up with this list, which also makes me the person, that is ME !!!

  1. I generally keep up with the time promised by me. So, when people fix up a time for appointment, I expect them to keep it up. If they are delayed due to justifiable reasons, I’ll also expect them to call and inform. When people delay without informing and make me wait for long hours, it totally drains me out emotionally. Let her wait, What else has she got to do ? —  This attitude unnerves me !!
  2. I am the kind of person, who values opinions very much.  If I ask anyone for suggestions or opinions, I greatly value them and consider them before taking my decision. Similarly, my opinions are not let out, unless people ask for it (Even my S).  And when some people ask for it purposefully and snub me on my face, for the opinion given, it drains me out emotionally !!!
  3. When people I know, happen to pass by me and ignore me completely when I wish them, it just gets to my nerves.
  4. After starting this Tupperware business, I have understood one thing.  I don’t expect people to buy from me, just because they are my friends. I take great care to make sure that my friendship doesn’t interfere with my business. My friends should buy the product for the worthiness of the product and not because of my friendship with them.  So, when my Tupperware Manager tells me to make my friends order Tupperware products, to reach the target value for a week, I am totally upset with her.
  5. When any of my friends or relatives call me and I am unable to take their call, I make sure that I call them back and apologise.  But why is it there are people out there, who don’t respond to the call you made or never returns your call ????  This gives me a feeling that they are trying to ignore me.  And if that person is close to my heart, I go for a toss.
  6. Children doing tantrums are quite common. I don’t blame the child. Its the responsibility of the parents to instill some sense into the child, when the behaviour is at its worst.  When the child is behaving badly, throwing tantrums in a public place and the parents stand there and look through, it is something I just can’t digest.  At least, the parents should feel responsible and apologise if the child has hurt somebody in the process. These parents who take things for granted, when it concerns their kids, drain me emotionally.
  7. There are these doctors around us, who make us do all sorts of tests, even for a simple fever / cough / cold / stomach ache /head ache symptom.  They just dont understand how much they play with the emotions of the person involved. Instead of helping the person recover from the illness, the doctors depress the people more, just by scaring the life out of us.  How can I trust those doctors, who emotionally drain me ????
  8. When the telemarketing people keep on calling again and again, even after refusing the offer politely for the first time, I am absolutely drained emotionally.
  9. There are one more sect of people, who can’t mind their manners when they visit somebody for the first time. They just go around the house, inspecting everything on display and commenting on it too. They go into the kitchen uninvited, open fridge and drink water on their own. One lady, even had the audacity to take an apple from my fruit basket without asking me and cut it, give to her child and eat it also.  Such people are on my list of non-invitees and they get on my nerves too much.
  10. Finally, this is to all the people who keep themselves, their homes, their surroundings totally unclean.  I get totally annoyed with unhygienic people, as I am a great cleanliness freak. Things might be lying here and there, in my home, sometimes. But my home is never unclean.  I am scared shit to even visit those people, who don’t have cleanliness in their dictionary.

WOW, That was not too difficult, I think.  So far, I’ve been blogging about things I like, enjoy and am greatly passionate about.  With this blog, I’ve brought balance to my blogs by talking about things that irritate / upset / emotionally drain me.


5 Replies to “I am drained…”

  1. Well done Uma .. very unique. Hv read this tag @ many places n what u hv put down is very much related to our day-to-day activities.

    Thanks for taking it up 🙂

    UmaS : Its becos all the people who did this tag b4 me, hv listed almost everything that I had to say. So, this list !!! 🙂


  2. Like Swaram said…u’ve put down things which irritate in our day to day lives….agree with almost all of them 🙂

    Except abt the people who passby & ignore….heee I’m one of them….I dont knw how but sometimes I’m thinking so much abt something tht I just dont see the people whom I pass 😦

    Good tag Umas

    UmaS : Yeah, all u people have written abt the generic things so much, I had to do something to make my tag different.
    Whenever I get to meet u, lets see what you do !!!


  3. Uma, You have left me with no option. I have to agree on all because this is everybody’s pet peeve. 🙂

    BTW how do you like WP so far?

    UmaS : WP is fabulous. Am discovering new things to do everyday ! 🙂


  4. i agress with all that you have said…

    you should make sure to link your website with your name in profile section…i had to guess that you must be on wordpress to come to your blog…

    UmaS : Gud guessing ! Thanks for the info. Will update immediately. 🙂


  5. Wow fantastic its very difficult to put into writings. with above it shows you are very sensitive, you expect basic etiquette’s from others which is very much genuine.

    “Manners are a sensitive awareness of the feelings of others. If we have that awareness, we have good manners”

    UmaS : Thank u for appreciation ! Actually, me being sensitive, might be irritating to others, sometimes. I’ve seen that happen. But that doesnt change me.
    BTW, Thank you for commenting, too. Keep on commenting, as you’ll be helping me in blogging more ! 🙂


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