Contentment in relationships

Having found the real YOU is the first step towards happiness.
(Pl refer the post – Find your qualities)

It is not only the first step but also the biggest step in the journey towards happiness. As you explore your own qualities, which you didn’t think you had in YOU, you become aware of your inner self more and more. You get to discover your ambiguities along with your positive spirit.

The hard challenge for you now, is to accept YOU as you have discovered yourself to be. Come to terms with your weaknesses and strengths. It is a difficult task and will take time, but take it slowly and get to know the real YOU.

What are relationships ? They are just like mirrors.
You show love and you get love back.
By showing anger, be sure to get it back.
Such a simple principle, isn’t it ?

Once you achieve the inner peace by accepting your strengths and weaknesses, it is easy to pass on the peace process to all our relationships. The more you share this strong side of you, as you build on your strengths, you’re encompassed in a sphere of love and positive spirit.



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