My Lessons !

I’ve been learning a few things in the past few days, which have made me pause and take a different look at life. These insights into life, make us a better human being for tomorrow.

Lesson 1 :

No person or incident can make you less happy in life. The happiness factor depends upon – how you react to the incident or the person.

Scene – Early morning 6.45 at the breakfast table.

My girls are having milk and scrambled egg for breakfast. I am busy plaiting my daughter’s hair. At that time, I hear the horn of the school bus. OMG, the bus has come nearly 10 minutes early. My daughter, reacting to my frenzied pace, started gulping down her milk pretty fast. As I am requesting the bus driver to wait for my daughters, I hear my daughters plea to come and help her. Alas, the milk had spilled on her uniform.

Usual me – Start shouting at my girls for not being efficient in doing things, always being clumsy etc etc. My daughter will go to school with a grumpy face, which might affect her attentiveness at class. The screaming woman in me will be displayed to the hubby dear also, which can spoil his whole day at work.

The New Me – Because of my new learning, I faced the situation in a calm and peaceful way. I smiled at my daughter and said “Its OK, dear. It happens to us also. Don’t worry, I’ll ask the bus driver to wait for few more minutes while you change your uniform”. WOW, Wasn’t that easy ? My daughter will go to school with a big smile on her face. And more importantly, the happy woman in me is flashing the happy smile on my S too. Every body’s day goes off well and I am happy that I’ve been instrumental in that.

Just by reacting differently to the whole scenario, I made myself feel happy. So, its all inside us – how you react is how you’ll feel.

Lesson 2 :

Being grateful in life, for all that you have, is the secret to happiness in your life.

Scene – Prayer before bedtime, with my girls.

The regular questions which I face are – Is God hearing our prayers ? Can he understand, if I ask for an iPod, and give it to me ? How can he help in my studies, when I can’t see him ? And many more like this.

Usual me – Pray to God with a sincere heart and he’ll grant all your wishes. By encouraging my daughters, when they are asking for more and more things, I’ve enabled them to understand that the keyword is – keep asking but ask sincerely.

The New Me – The new order in my home is this – Prayers at bedtime are not meant for asking for things, instead they are for thanking God for all that he has given to us. I am insisting on my girls to list 3 things everyday, for which they are extremely thankful to God. Also, I make them write down those things. Eventually, they’ll come to understand that we have so many things to be happy about in life.

I hope that I am imparting a great lesson to my children to follow in their lives, for which I am grateful to God. By being grateful, I found the key to my happiness.


9 Replies to “My Lessons !”

  1. Beautiful Ums…..absolutely worth following.

    The first is just like how it happens with me….bad mood & all.
    But I hope I dont sound arrogant or anything when I say tht I humbly thank my Good Lord for every blessing & mercy tht he has bestowed upon me.
    But still there are deficiencies like….I want to remember to thank him before every meal which is just not happening…I'm eating 1st & then remembering anything else;-P


  2. Thanks Nancy.

    I think there are learnings like these in everybody’s life, which, when put down in action, will make a difference to their lives.


  3. Umis, lovely. What u said is sooooooo right. But most times, I struggle to be the bigger person. It is really difficult. I wish I could practice this in my daily life. Every time, every instance!


  4. I know Bins. Its harder than we think, to follow the lessons in life.
    Just becos I had written abt, it doesn’t mean that I follow it all the time. There are slip ups too.
    But, the moment I realise, I try to make up for the mistake.

    I am trying, trying and trying very hard.


  5. Very true Uma.
    Everything turns out fine when i react in a calm and composed manner, esp with Ammu 🙂
    ‘By being grateful, I found the key to my happiness’… my exact feeling!!
    I need to do this prayer at bed time routine so that she also realizes the value of things that she already possesses. I try to tell this to her in many different ways, but this looks like the best way! Thanks Uma!


    1. Yeah, this kind of prayer methods work a lot on the mental satisfaction and the child feels happy for the things they already have. 🙂 Hugs to Ammu, she’ll be wonderful. 🙂


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