Shiamak – a hype ??????

I had been listening to reviews by various people about the Dance classes run by Shiamak Davar and all of them vouched that its a great thing to do.

As a new branch was opened near to my home, I enrolled my 2 daughters for Winter Funk, last year. Alas, our bad luck, the show was cancelled due the Mumbai terror attacks at Taj. Since my girls were totally disappointed by the cancellation of the stage show, I decided to enroll them for the Summer Funk, this year.

The classes began on 25th Apr and ended by 9th May – that was a total of 15 classes of 1 hr duration each. The show was held on 10th May, which turned out to be quite a disappointment for me. 38 batches from various branches in the city, performed for nearly two and half hours. But only 2 or 3 dances made their way into my heart.

This made me sit down and ponder at the following things, which could have been done in a much better way.
– It sadly showed that there were not enough rehearsals, to achieve that perfect finish on stage.
– During the 2 weeks of dance class, first week is spent on choosing a song and in the second week we are made to run between tailor to tailor for getting the costume done. Don’t forget the prop – that should also be made ready. At least, they can guide us to a good tailor. Nah ! Its all for you to find out and get it done.
– For the amount of money they charge us as course fees, there could have been more classes for rehearsals and to achieve a good synchronisation among the dancers.
– In a group of more than 25 people dancing on stage, only those in the front row do the dancing part right. Sorry, the ones in the back row take it easy on certain steps.
– I also found so many steps repeated among many groups.
– On the whole, I had spent for the classes, the costume and also for the tickets to watch the show by my daughters.

Shiamak seems to be a better businessman than a dancer was my overall impression. The proof is the number of branches they have opened so far.

The only satisfying thing in this whole episode was that my daughters had great fun, enjoyed dancing and also gave a stage show. Shiamak was also present to add glamour to the whole show.

The hype created around this Shiamak Davar Dance Classes were so much, that I expected a much more better performance, better choreography and better costumes. And because of the high levels of expectations, I was hit with disappointment. Some of the costumes were really in need of re-design. I think that lot of consideration should be given to the costume while designing, so that the dancer is totally comfortable in that dress – only then the moves will be done to perfection.

I think I satisfied my daughter’s wish to join this dance class and perform on stage. I am happy doing it for my daughters even though I am not convinced about the whole thing.

9 Replies to “Shiamak – a hype ??????”

  1. I can understand ur disappointment….for the fat fee they charge I’m sure they cd afford to be more organised;-S.

    And u mean to say tht u paid to watch ur your own kids dancing;-o??????

    Ah well…atleast the kids had a good time:-))!!!!!


  2. They were all very organised – there are sheets of dos and donts which we have to follow and they are very particular about it.
    The only thing that pricks is that they could have had more no of classes and given more rehearsals for the students.
    And Yes, each ticket is 350/- and we have to buy, if we have to see our kids dance.


  3. Seriously!! The fee is a killer and the whole thing the way it is carried out can b better. The thought abt the costumes occured to me even when I watched the show. He should show Brand Shiamak a little better costume-wise!


  4. Some costumes were pathetic – small beautiful girls in bad dress spoiled the whole dance. Its becos the instructors insist on designing the costume – very strange and funny.


  5. Swaram : Thanks for dropping by. Actually you can enroll for the overall experience.
    My frustrations came out after I ran around with my daughters for 2 times.


  6. I missed a class when their batch started and was told that I can attend the second class and take a trial class. However, on the day of going due to other important commitments I could not make it on time and when I spoke to them over the phone requesting to accommodate me ten minutes later, they’re saying you cannot attend the class without registering, something completely contrary to what the previous person told me. They are highly non- accommodating and seem to care less about people’s issues. All they seem to want is a fee before even letting someone see what the class looks like and if it is worth it. The staff speaks over the phone in a very condescending way. A big disappointment for someone who showed interest in the institute.


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