People have such strange obsessions in life.
Ask my S to know about mine, which I think have been kept quite a secret so far. Here I am trying to explain about only one of those. So, why this revelation now ?
Maybe, when people comment on my post, I’ll get to know about the weird things, which they are obsessed with and the whole process might turn out to be very funny, indeed.
Isn’t this a great job to do to spend all those lazy summer afternoons ?
OK, coming to the point of discussion, I’ve this strange quality of collecting carry bags. You name them and I’ll have them.
Yes, you’re absolutely right in guessing that carry bags are those plastic bags in which you’re handed over the stuff you buy in shops, malls etc.
Just imagine that I’ve shopped for 3 salwar suits and 2 sarees. Even before the bill is paid, I am near the delivery counter trying to make eye contact with the packing boy. That is actually to make him pack the 5 things in 5 different bags instead of one bag, as is usually done. I do all these silly things, if and only if, the carry bag is really good and has captured my heart with the design. I’ve a great eye for catchy design, mind you.
You should see my expression when somebody tries to borrow one carry bag from me. Those prized possessions, which were absolutely a delight to collect, is certainly not available for borrowing. But, I do give consideration to the people who ask me for it. If they are somebody whom I am really fond of or if I know that they’ll take very good care of the plastic bag just as I do, I might come down and give them one or two.
Of course, I do have a really good collection now. I love those wonderful smooth carry bags which I got in Dubai ( we had been there for a holiday ). The carry bags which you get at duty free shops are just awesome.
And when you give those bags collected with great difficulty to people, they sometimes use it as lunch bags, spill food inside and throw it away, I feel very sad about it.
I know, I know, this is absolutely weird and silly – this obsession with plastic carry bags. But what to do ? It is all this weird and silly things that make us as human beings.
So, are you obsessed with anything in life ?

PS – There are so many other things about which I am obsessed with, which I’ll share with you in the coming posts.


7 Replies to “Obsession”

  1. Crazy woman, I still cannot get my mind off that HUGE cover full of plastic bags waiting to be disposed. How in heaven’s name did u manage that?
    Crazy Woman! And to think that there might probably be another 1000 stacked away somewhere.
    But we were on that “no plastic’ mode remember? I am sure that you will rather part with your kidney than those covers! 😀


  2. Sorry, no statistics will be disclosed about the carry bags in store.
    I know, these carry bags are spoiling the earth’s surface and of course, we’re on “no plastic” mode. These are collections from the pre – no plastic mode.
    Now, I am thinking of shifting to the paper bags / gunny bags obsession. What do u say ?


  3. LOL….I thk I share this obsession tho I think I'm a bachcha in front of u.
    I usually collect them with my mom in mind;-D
    When I pack to go to India, atleast25-30 good covers will be placed below b4 placing the clothes & other things;-D


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