My plans for the Summer !

At last, the Summer vacations have begun, of course, for my girls. And everybody keeps asking me – What are your plans for this vacation ? Where are you going ?

When I asked myself this question, I was absolutely sure of the answer, which is – I would love to chill at my home, sweet home.

But Why ? Why ? Why ?????

Now, let me justify my point. In a country like India, it’s hot or scorching hot during May, when summer is at its peak. So, even if I plan a trip, I am sure, I cannot escape from the hot rays of the burning sun. And how can I go on a sight seeing trip, when I am being barbecued alive?

OK. OK. I can go to a hill resort, where I can hide under the chill. But, how long can I do that ? May be a week ??? Then, I am again back to the hot, hot city, where I live.

Now that I’ve decided to stay put in my home during summer, what’s my agenda for the holidays ?

One thing is for definite – more cooking time – as the need for snacks increases when children are there at home. I’ve been gifted a wonderful baking recipes book by my best friend and I intend to try out a lot of things from the book. Cheers to the baker in me !

Also, I am planning to enroll my girls for some summer classes, which will keep them busy for a few hours everyday. This vacation is the right time for them to catch up with their hobbies, as the academic year is almost spent on studies. My God ! What a huge syllabus they cover in one year ? Worse still, is the need to keep up with the competition.

Fortunately, there is a swimming pool in our apartment, where I can fight against the terrible heat. At the same time, I’ll be battling against my belly bulge, through vigorous swimming exercises. Now, this is what I call as 3B – Battle with Belly Bulge.

Hey ! Now, some constructive thinking and planning are happening, I am sure that this vacation will keep us all busy. I am also desperately trying to win the 3B. Wish me luck for this battle.


3 Replies to “My plans for the Summer !”

  1. Wow Ums U've got it all covered!!!

    "And how can I go on a sight seeing trip, when I am being barbecued alive"

    U knw this is exactly why we plan our trips to India during december…..imagine wht kind of a holiday it will be visiting places & people in the humidity;-P!!!

    And I'm curious, wht exactly r u doing to fight the 3B?????


  2. There is nothing like being left alone to enjoy your own home. I forgot what it was like to just hang around and do nothing in particular. You know, in the rule book, I wish there was vacations for moms too! A break from all the dirty diapers, dirty dishes, dirty everything.

    All the best for the Big B… ooops! 3B!


  3. Bins : FYI – there’s no such word called vacation in a mom’s dictionary. May be when are kids are big enough to handle themselves, you can introduce that word in your dictionary.

    Nancy : Everyday is a big battle for the 3B. To start with, its the swimming, and later I am going to be totally committed to doing Yoga. Yoga works wonders on our body.


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