Are you happy in your Marriage ?

Of late, my ears are buzzing with the news that couples (I personally know some of them) are not happy in their marriages. My heart goes out to those people who are unable to find happiness in their wedded life. It is not because that they are not in love, but they have not built their love on strong family grounds.

I’ve seen a few couples, wherein the wife thinks her husband is only for her and their children. It has always been – Me, My husband and My children. I am asking those ladies – “Did your man jump from the sky above onto your lap ?” That man of yours is a son first before he became your husband. Please give respect to your mother-in-law, for the one great fact that she has made a wonderful man and given him to you. Just think of this possibility too – What if your son leaves you for the new wife he has got ? (Futuristic thinking)

It is not always the two of you, in the relationship called marriage. The circle of relatives, who surround your husband and your rapport with them is crucially important. Whenever your husband’s brother /sister appreciates you or the work you’ve done, have you noticed your husband’s face glow with pride ? Now, this man of yours will do anything for you. Wonderful, isn’t it ?

The women of this world have a wonderful nature – to break or make a home. How true ! Till you understand the person with whom you’re going to live with, till you understand the family that surrounds your man, please learn to LET GO. By LET GO, I don’t mean that you should be silently taking the abuses (if any). My point is that do not be under emotional stress to misunderstand the relations. Once you get to know the people around your husband, the relationship is on more stronger grounds to be shaken by silly incidents and outbursts. On familiar grounds now, your family members will LET GO for your sake. Isn’t that what you want ?

From my point of view, women sponge themselves into any situation and are great at adapting themselves to new environments. Otherwise, why would a woman leave her parents home and start living in a new home after marriage ? We, women, are better in this self-adaptation process. We can change from home to working environments and back home in a jiffy. We hold top posts in companies as efficient managers. Why not be the best loved manager in our own homes ?

Marriages are great institutions of life. Let us build a wonderful home surrounded by our love for our family. The secret ingredient for a loving life is – always add a pinch of your priceless love every time you cook a meal at home. That way, your loved ones always come home for the loving meal. And needless to say, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

You have a WIN-WIN situation, dear women. Make use of it to the maximum and my warm wishes for a blissful married life.

3 Replies to “Are you happy in your Marriage ?”

  1. Really, this question has been doing the rounds in my head ever since i heard abt u-know-who.

    U are right abt all the points covered. Yes there might be obstacles in marriage, what relationship does not? But the positive thing abt it is that you will be good at obstacle race!!! Ha ha ha!


  2. A thinking post Umas!!!!!

    "That man of yours is a son first before he became your husband."

    I always tell this to my friends & also say how much ever we do for our parents its always less comapared to what they have done for us.

    A bit of love & compromise goes a looong way in winning the hearts of the inlaws.


  3. Bins : The points written might not be suitable for u-know-who, but on the whole I think that women are made up of much stronger stuff to let go of a relationship, just becos it’s not like what they want it to be.
    They can make the relationship work for them.
    Nancy : Of course, dear. Love and compromise are the key words. And keep up the good work of sharing your wisdom with your friends. LOL.


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