Act of kindness

Its been in my thoughts for the past two days and its better I blog it down.

Two days back, me and S went to drop our daughters in the school. While coming back home, S asked me whether I would like to have breakfast in a hotel. I responded with a big smile, as I cherish these moments of togetherness.

After eating breakfast, when we were coming out of the hotel, suddenly S asked me to wait near the entrance and rushed inside. I was wondering what it could be that made him rush inside. Anyway, he came out and gave me a parcel, told that it was idly and sambar. He then asked me to give to the old lady who was sitting outside the hotel asking for alms.

I was pleasantly surprised and deeply touched with his act of kindness.

This display of kindness made me think a lot.

A simple act like giving food to one person is the best way to show “you care”. It gave me so much satisfaction to see the happy smiling face of the old lady, who blessed me too. I feel that this kind act is much better, as the recognition is instantaneous.

May God give me and S the strength and the heart to perform many more acts of kindness.

4 Replies to “Act of kindness”

  1. That was really thoughtful. It is better than giving money. My heart too warms up with love and happiness when I read or do such things. God Bless!


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