Your wish will be granted !

This is amazing but true ! These true incidents which I want to share, have changed my thinking a lot. Let me explain these experiences first.
Srini, my wonderful husband, is so lovable, caring and a great person to be with. And he always
makes sure that our daughters get the quality time with him, even though the work pressure is
very high for him. But the past 1 year has been highly hectic for Srini and he was very much into official work all 24 * 7.
Even though he took great efforts to spend the same quality time with the girls, the workload was getting into his personal time also. When we did go out during weekends, Srini was constantly being called on the phone ( Dont u think that this mobile phone has snatched quality family moments from us ?). Even though the girls didnt mind or notice this, I was feeling very unhappy about the situation.
I wanted the situation to change – I wanted Srini to have more leisure time to spend with our girls, as it was before this high work pressure.
It was a Saturday and I was talking aloud my thoughts to my friend. I wished loudly ( for the whole world to hear ?) and prayed sincerely for it to happen.
Sunday morning – I got up early and had made idly, sambar and chutney for breakfast. I was
waiting for Srini and the girls to wake up so that we can have breakfast together.
MIRACLE – Srini wakes up, comes to me and says “If u have made breakfast, just pack it. Wake
up the girls, we’re going for a long drive. We can stop the car on the way, and have breakfast in a
natural surrounding.” I was so happy. I thanked the whole universe for listening to my loud wish which was granted to me in a day. Things have changed a lot after wishing aloud and I am happy to tell u that we have many quality family moments, as before.
2nd experience.
This is about a person who stays in my apartment. I know her for sometime. Whenever we meet, we used to talk well and share a lot of things. But because she’s working, more interaction was not possible between us. Generally we meet during our evening walks.
But suddenly, I noticed a change in her. She was not talking to me like before. Even though this
didnt bother me so much, I really wished to know the reason behind this sudden change. And
surprisingly, I got a Hi5 request from her.
Now, I again did the same thing – I wished loudly for things to change.
MIRACLE – Two days later, I met her in a shop nearby, and she couldn’t stop talking to me. She
went on and on about the things that are happenning and kindly enquired about me and my
family. I am happy and surprised.

What does these experiences teach me ? I thought so much and this is what I’ve realised :- When u wish aloud – it reaches to all the corners of this universe. And all the elements in this
universe and the people around u make it happen for u.
I think this is all to do with positive vibes around u. Instead of sulking about a situation and always talking about the wrong / bad things happening to u, talk about the change u wish for. Talk about the positive things that u want to happen in ur life. Talk loudly – either to yourself or find somebody to talk to. I can assure u that the whole world will conspire to grant u the wish.


5 Replies to “Your wish will be granted !”

  1. It is very true uma, thats the power of positive thinking. I too have experienced this wonderful miracle, more so after we moved to US. port


  2. Awesome da. The more I read about it, the more I am convinced that it is true. It is good to reaffirm your good thoughts loudly every once in a while. Great going. Hope all your dreams come true.


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