Cooking is my way !

Cooking, for me, is a passion. And it is passionate perfection, too. Even if I am preparing a dish for the first time, I would go to great ends to make the dish come out extraordinarily well. And that too, if cooking is done with love for the loved ones at home, it really shows in the dishes u prepare. It shows in the way the food is eaten – finger licking good. I love all these emotions that go thru me – happy and singing while cooking, the snug satisfaction while inspecting the garnished dish, the proud way it is being served on table, the happiness on the face of my loved ones, the greedy looks asking for more – oh, what better way to be happy, satisfied, proud all at the same time.
I think I am really gifted to have got this knack of learning a dish, if I see it being prepared. I can remember the ingredients and the way the dish takes shape. And I revel in the feeling when I recreate the same dish at home.
Previously, I used to invent myself in our south indian cooking styles. But as the days r changing and my girls r demanding, I’ve also learnt to make burgers, pizzas, cakes, cookies, noodles … the list is endless. The perfection process continues in all these dishes too.

Now a days cooking has one more hat to don, other than helping in filling stomachs. Its a superb stress buster. My husband, Srini, whose work pressures are very high, tries to cook on weekends, to relieve himself from the heavy work loads. Put it as THERAPEUTIC, people will be more interested in cooking.
But I dont like being in the kitchen for long hours. Decide the menu, be prepared with the ingredients, just go into the kitchen and create magic.
mmmmmm…. I want to bake cookies today, what do u want to cook?


4 Replies to “Cooking is my way !”

  1. U bet. I agree with you all the way. And yes, I love ur cooking too. The only snag is that I want to be left in the kitchen all alone. I get bugged when someone starts fiddling around.


  2. Oh! I share ur passion. I simplyyyyyyy love cooking and with a sweet hubby who is always ready to bear the brunt of my expts, what more can I ask for 😉

    BTW, when can I have the cookies 😛


  3. Wow! U r so sweet! Bins n me were planning to meet up but then I read the news on Nancy's 😦 Will now get to meet two fellow city bloggers. Yahoo :)))))


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