Found my long lost friends !

I am on the net, 8.30am, in the site of bsnl chennai enquiry. Trying to locate a phone no is no big deal, using the bsnl enquiry, if u know a name or address. But without knowing both name or address, I am desperately looking into all the names and phone nos, which might resemble my need of the hour.
Let me clear the cloud. I am looking out for my friends, Janaki and Meenakshi, with whom I’ve spent many a wonderful day, while all of us were schooling at Childrens Garden School, Mylapore. I just remember their house too well – a two storeyed house – joint family – two brothers occupying the two floors. I can go to their house even now, I remember its exact location, the bus route – so many things, except the house no. The street name is vaguely coming back to memory, but is that enough to search for them on the net ? GOD help me.
Now, I cannot search in my friend’s name, for they’ll be married and gone to their own houses. So what’s my friends’ father’s name ? I search my entire memory, in vain.
OK, next option, search for some house no and the street name, which i think is right.
Now, I’ve a big list in my screen, from which I just cant decide on which number should I call.
First I was confused – then I focussed my brain and decided on a few names which sounded like Hindu names.
Now, the first call – one uncle answered telling me he was quite new to that area. He cannot be the person I am looking for, as my friends are in that house of their own since the 1980s, as far as I know.
Second,third, fourth call – disappointment – they dont know anybody called Janaki or Meenakshi.
Dear GOD, Will I find them ? Actually, I am having this passionate urge to talk with them for quite sometime, and its only today I’ve actually made an effort.
Fifth call – BINGO ! The person who answered was Janaki’s father, who was quite helpful and gave me the mobile nos of my friends.
And when I called Meenakshi, she was stunned, surprised, happy – exactly returning my feelings. And Janaki, she just couldn’t believe its me, but was very very happy. And now we decide to KEEP IN TOUCH. It matters a lot, as u get older.


9 Replies to “Found my long lost friends !”

  1. Looks like u were looking for a needle in a haystack and u found it. I can imagine the feeling. It is like getting a piece of your life back much like a lost jigsaw puzzle piece


    1. Swaru, thats your first comment in my blog…and I was thrilled that day !!! πŸ™‚ And I remember commenting on a post of yours – squirrels pics taken during a walk in the park !!! So cute. πŸ™‚


  2. It must feel so good. I seem to get renewed hope after reading this post! I have been trying to locate the number of my schoolmate… a dear friend, but could not. Will try again πŸ™‚


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