Exam tensions !

EXAMS – This word has never made my feel queasy. I’ve always been a person to take things easily – atleast where exams are concerned. My parents never had the time to spend for our studies; they were both busy working to take care of our needs. So, I learnt on my own – both to study and plan ahead. And this is what I am teaching my children now. Try and study whenever a lesson is done, understand it perfectly, then u dont need to break your head during exams.


After you read and understand the text, it is important to connect what u’ve read with everyday happenings. This way you’ll remember better. After the connection is done, revise once again. Then close ur eyes and visualise what u’ve read. All the text goes thru in front of your eyes. That shows its etched in memory, because u’ve connected it with your worldly happenings, you’ll not forget it also. Also, keep your cool on the day of your exam and dont read on that morning. Relax, close ur eyes and visualise. Please follow this and I am sure your child’ll be relaxed even during exams.

As I am greatly benefitted by following this myself, I thought I’ll tell the whole world about it.

Whatever you become in your life is not based on the marks you get as a student and not every student should become a engineer or a doctor or an IT professional. In today’s world, u can survive by doing things what you’re passionate about.

3 Replies to “Exam tensions !”

  1. I agree with you whole heartedly. And I can surely see the confidence in both your daughters. People should really take a page out of your book on parenting. You would make it good as a teacher. I like your well-rounded approach to everything and to top it all, your patience. Kudos to you!!!


  2. Oh wow… same pinch here too! Exams never made me queasy.
    But your words are so simple here, i’ll remember this while guiding my lil ones 🙂 You’ve made it easy for me! thanks 🙂


    1. Hey, dear Priya…thats why I love blogging…so many things to learn from so many ppl, thru their experiences and thots…its amazing…

      I’ve learnt a lot and still learning new things…and I am happy that its the same for you too !!! 🙂


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